As a family-fun, locally owned and operated small business, we appreciate your continued support during this unprecedented time.



At this time we are not accepting walk-ins. You must reserve online ahead of time.


All Games are private for your group only.

Each game is designed for up to 8 players.


All objects and surfaces are wiped down and/or sprayed with disinfectant in between every game.


Just scan the QR code with your own device.


You may choose to wear masks and gloves during your visit.

East Bradentons Newest Virtual Reality And Escape Room Experience

Reserve a game online

60 minutes to escape the game

Work together to solve the puzzles

Premier Escape Adventures is Bradenton’s newest and most exciting Escape Room experience for all ages and skill sets! Located in East Bradenton, we are the area’s largest escape room & virtual reality facility that is full of interactive, live-action, fully immersive escape rooms that are great for families, friends, parties and co-workers! Work with your team and combine your wits as you race against the clock exploring your surroundings, use logic, instinct, to solve puzzles and crack codes. Think outside the box and be creative to unravel the mysteries of the rooms! Do you think you have what it takes? Come to have loads of fun. No prior experience necessary.


Date Night Disaster

You are on a date and see an open row of great seats!  Unbeknownst to you, these happen to be the ambassador’s seats. The ambassador was the main target of an abduction but you’re the one being targeted now! During intermission, you are taken by several large men in fancy suits, sharp ties, and stunning shades. They pull you into a town car. They place a cloth over your mouth and nose. You wake up, handcuffed to your date. Boy, oh boy, are you in trouble. You must find the key to your handcuffs to escape before the kidnappers return in 60 minutes.

This game is not just for couples or just adults. It is a family friendly game for 2-8 players. 
Mild restraints may be used.
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Houdini's Book of secrets

Harry Houdini was noted as the world’s greatest magician and for his sensational escape acts of all time. Sometime before his escape, he told his beloved wife, Bess, that his journal with all the secrets to his stunts has been hidden in his study and that only the next greatest will be able to discover it. In order to be the next great, you will have to solve a series of puzzles using clues, hints, and strategy to find the hidden “Book of Secrets”. However, if you fail, you’ll become the next greatest disappearing act ever performed. You and your team have 60 minutes to find Houdini’s Book of Secrets.

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Crisis at the North Pole

Christmas is fast approaching and there’s trouble at the North Pole. Santa’s list has gone missing. Santa and The Elves have been looking everywhere to find it but have had no luck.

Everyone has been working hard at the North Pole all year. The Elves have been busy making toys, the reindeer practicing their flight routes and even Santa’s been checking and rechecking his List but now the list has gone missing. How will Christmas go on? You and your team will need to investigate to find Santa’s list. He needs YOU! Do you have what it takes to help save Christmas?

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The Curse

Escaping soon!

VR - Virtual Reality Experiences

Premier Escape Adventures offers every gamer a fully immersive experience by combining the best of aspects of escape rooms and virtual reality. 

Through cutting edge technology, our interactive games ensures your safe passage into worlds beyond imagining, full of intrigue, excitement, and fun.

Here are some of our most popular Virtual Reality Games


Premier Escape Adventures
7369 52nd Pl E
Bradenton, FL 34203


Most frequent questions and answers
You and a group of friends, family, or coworkers, will enter a fully immersive, themed room with a story. The story may require that you "escape" or “find something to finish”. You will work together to find clues and solve puzzles where the answers may open a lock, cause something to happen, or reveal new information. If you are able to solve all the puzzles within 60 minutes, you will “escape” the room.
For our VR Experiences, the games can be booked between 30 and 120 minutes. For Escape Rooms: your group will hav e 60 minutes to escape. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to sign waivers, use restrooms and game briefing.
Yes. While we may occasionally have an opening for walk-ins, we may not always be able to accommodate you on the spot. We could advise you as to when our next availability is so it is best to make your reservation online in advance to assure your date and time is available. Our reservation is easy to use. Make a Reservation here!
Costs per person/per hour varies. Games start at $30.
Unlisted times are generally reserved for large groups, team-building and larger parties or events. Please email info@premierescapeadventures.com or call (941)363-1443 to inquire about availability during unlisted times.
This is a live-action adventure. You must arrive on time in order to participate. NO REFUNDS FOR LATE OR NO-SHOWS. **Please factor in traffic and parking to arrive on time.
No. Our games are private. You will only play with the people you booked with.
Our escape rooms are fun for all ages but designed mainly for adults and older children/teens. There is no age limit, however, please be aware that many puzzles may be too difficult for younger children. We do require that any players under 15 be accompanied by at least one paying adult (18 years of age or older).
Yes, our rooms are handicapped assessable; however there may be some elements of the rooms that are not. At least 1 person in the group should be able to navigate for those unable too.
We are conveniently located In the Creekwood Crossing Shopping Center directly between Bealls and Dollar Tree. Just to the west ½ mile of off I-75 at Exit 217 in East Bradenton.
We have LOTS of free and easy parking.
DO NOT BE DRUNK or under the influence of drugs. We reserve the right to cancel your game on the spot if you are, and there are NO REFUNDS in this situation. Our games are absolutely not meant to be played drunk, and can actually ruin the experience. It isn't safe as there there's a risk of damaging yourself or our props.
Not at all! We want to make sure we appeal to as many people as possible. There are no jump scares, scary noises, monsters, actors, or any other type of scary thing you can think of. If you are looking for something scary, we have Virtual Reality horror themed games.
Your safety is our #1 priority. During our games we will always have a door unlocked for an easy and safe way to get out of the room in case of any emergency. If you are OK with the size of a hotel room, you should be ok in our adventure rooms.
We Will Never Leave You Stuck! Your Gamer Master Will Monitor Your Progress In Order To Provide Assistance With Your Game Experience; When You Are Stumped, Feel Free To Ask For Clues!
Yes and No. All games except The Curse can be played with a minimum of 2 people. The Curse requires a minimum of 4 people to play.
Yes. It is BEST to use the restrooms before the game begins. We will NOT stop the game once it starts if you need to leave the room for any reason.
Casual, Comfortable clothing is highly recommended.
Yes you may bring it in with you if you need to, but in order to protect the integrity of the game, we do not allow photos or videos to be taken inside the rooms. We reserve the right to terminate the game immediately if someone in your group is seen using their camera inside the game and NO REFUNDS will be given. We do allow photos to be taken afterwards in our photo area.
We have a strict no cancellation policy. We will gladly attempt to reschedule with at least 24 hour notice. Your ticket is transferable, so you can always give your spot to someone else.
The escape adventure experience is not always about the “escape” as it is about challenging yourself and working with your friends and strangers alike to conquer the obstacles in front of you. Make sure to utilize your clues when you feel stumped! Although conquering the game is quite satisfying, don’t be discouraged if you cannot escape in time. Not every team will, but don’t worry, we’ll still let you leave.
Yes. We have a Waiver that everyone will need to read and sign before participating. Children under the age of 18 must have it signed by a parent or guardian.
There are no special skills needed! All you need is your open mind, and ability to work together with other players to solve puzzles! No hulk strength, no tools, and no magic – just you and your brain!

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