5 Reasons Why Children Are Great at Escape Rooms

What’s not to love about escape rooms? They offer a sense of adventure, discovery, and creativity that is hard to find in other places. They are also incredibly interactive and engaging, which allows kids to explore and find new things.

This is a great opportunity to explore a topic in more depth. Let’s go beyond the basics and really get into what makes this subject interesting. Here are a few reasons why children are so great at escape rooms: 

1) They Have Unlimited Energy

Kids have a lot of energy, and they are not afraid to use it. This comes in handy during escape rooms, as they will be able to explore every inch of the room and try every possible solution. They will also be able to keep going even when they are stuck, which can be a huge help.

Children are curious by nature. They ask questions about anything and everything, regardless of how silly they sound. They simply observe the world around them and try to make sense of it, with eyes that often see the world in a more innocent way than adults do.

2) They Fit in Small Spaces

Kids are often able to fit into small spaces that adults can’t, which can come in handy during escape rooms. They can also crawl through tight spaces to find hidden clues or items.

Games that require you to crawl around on the floor are perfect for children because they are more nimble and can explore the smaller spaces.

3) They Don’t Back Down From a Challenge

Kids are often more willing to take risks and try new things than adults. They also don’t give up easily, which can be an advantage during escape rooms.

Kids are often more willing to explore every possible option to solve a puzzle, which can help them find clues and solve the puzzle faster than adults.

4) They’re Sociable

Many escape rooms require teamwork in order to find clues and solve the puzzles. This offers the perfect opportunity for children to work together as a team, using their problem-solving skills to escape from the room.

They can also help children to develop communication and leadership skills, as they will need to work together in order to succeed. . They will learn to rely on others, and to feel a sense of belonging in a group. This will help them in all aspects of their life, from school to work.

5) They Are Immersed in the Role Play

When children are immersed in a role-playing situation, it can help them to develop their imagination and creativity. This is because they are able to use their own ideas to come up with solutions to the puzzles in the escape room.

This is a great opportunity for children to explore their creative side. It can also help them to develop problem-solving skills, as they will need to use their imagination to come up with ideas on how to escape from the room. 


If you are looking for a fun and exciting way for your children to spend their time, then an escape room may be the perfect option. These rooms are designed to test your children’s problem-solving skills, and they will have a blast trying to escape.

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