9 Preparation Tips to Know For Your Escape Game Day

An escape room—an immersive, 60-minute, real-world adventure game. You’ve decided to participate in an escape room, but you have no idea how to get ready. You may have never had a gifted experience before, but it may have been one.

Even if you are well-versed in the room’s concept, you still want to offer yourself and your team the best chance. Here are our preparation suggestions for an escape room challenge, so please read them carefully.


Embrace The Difficulty

The majority of these games are really difficult. They are enjoyable in part because of that. It’s fun to do something when it’s likely you won’t succeed, but you’ll still have fun because so many things in this world are rubbery and award participation medals.


Your Playing Partners Are Everything

An escape room in Bradenton can be won or lost before they even begin, depending only on your team.

It would be best if you formed a decent mix of intelligent individuals who pack a variety of smarts. Generally speaking, a team of talented artists, writers, programmers, and salespeople will be more successful than a team of coworkers specializing in the same area, no matter how clever they are.

Additionally, you’ll require individuals who can cooperate successfully. Leave the eccentric pals who need to be in the spotlight at home.


Caffeine After Pre-Game

If you’ve put together a group where no one knows anyone else, you ought to convene in advance. Meetings should take place when the clock is not running out.

Even though it’s usually more pleasant to play with friends, if you purchase tickets for a public time slot, you could only get to meet your teammates right before the game starts.

In either case, avoid being the player who shows up drunk. Save the drinking until after the game and grab a coffee or snack beforehand.


Jump In

When you first start the game, look for anything that might even remotely be fascinating or unusual by searching, opening, or moving objects.

You’re playing the game incorrectly if you’re standing there with your hands in your pockets and your eyes fixed on other players. Go on… Enjoy yourself.


Do Not Be Timid

Both loud and quiet individuals have valuable things to share. It won’t matter if you have the appropriate response if it isn’t used. Therefore, you’ll need to speak up. (This is a wise lesson for life.)


Keep Quiet and Pay Attention

Loudness alone does not constitute truth. Allow others to talk. (It’s a wise life lesson, too.)


Before Taking Strange Actions, Try Simple Solutions

Before you start adding bizarre logic to a challenge you’ve already solved (or believe you’ve solved), try the answer you have. Don’t overthink anything; a good room has strong cause-and-effect chains. That will get you into problems very quickly.


Accept The Experience

A game is an escape from the room. If you don’t permit yourself to enjoy yourself, you won’t. And you’ll likely waste someone else’s time. Do everyone a favor and stay at home if you’re the kind of snarky idiot who can’t accept the experience.


Enjoy The Event With Your People

Go out as a team after the game, regardless of how it ends. Tell your peers about your experiences.

It’s ideal for participating in a room escape game with close friends or family. Embrace them.



Now that you know the preparation tips for your escape game make sure to have the best time to enjoy the most exciting and challenging escape game rooms. Put those tricks to use!

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