How Escape Rooms Can Help Families Build Trust With One Another

We seem to get locked into the same schedules, going over the same things, and continuing to face frustration. In a high-paced world that continues to propel us forward, what happens if we become too busy? What if our family is left out? It is easy to fall into the trap of our same-old day-to-day routines and neglect building trust with one another. That’s where escape rooms help.

Escape rooms may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re looking for ways to build trust with your family. So, how can it help build trust, really?

Encourage Planning & Collaboration

Escape rooms not only make you think outside the box, but they also require everyone to work together. They provide a fun and exciting way to practice communication and work together to meet a common goal.

Practice Communication Skills

Through everything from working together to strategizing to problem-solving, you will use communication skills in every aspect of the escape room. You may be surprised to learn that this will encourage communication in other areas of your life, as well.

Develop Problem-Solving Skills

Escape rooms focus on solving problems, often with a specific goal in mind. Devising a plan to solve a problem is an excellent way to encourage problem-solving skills in other areas of your life.

Foster Group Play

Escape rooms are excellent for allowing everyone to work on a project together. If you have a child who struggles with teamwork, the escape room can put that to the test while building towards a common goal.

The Best Escape Room Themes for Families to Build Trust

Some escape rooms are better for families than others, which is another reason to consider your options carefully before booking an experience. For example, a murder mystery-themed escape room may not be the best for children. However, a pirate-themed escape room can be just right.

Here’s a look at some of the best themes for a family escape room:

  • Pirate Escape Rooms

Pirate-themed escape rooms are designed with children in mind. Families that love the high seas or adventure will find a treasure trove of pirate-themed escape rooms to choose from. The first things that pop into the mind of most people when they think of pirates are treasure maps and buried treasure, so it’s true to the pirate theme.

Many escape rooms offer variations of this theme, including a room full of pirate treasure and one where pirates are trying to keep their treasure from you. Other variations include:


  • A pirate ship escape room
  • An island escape room
  • A micro-theme escape room with a pirate theme


  • Ancient/Mythological Escape Rooms

Ancient and mythical themes may be fun for adults, but they can also be classic family fun. Children adore ancient Egyptian, Egyptian, and Greek themes, and they can make for a great escape room adventure for the whole family.

  • Magic Escape Rooms

Magic-themed escape rooms offer a chance for the whole family to see what would happen if magic were real. While some escape rooms take this concept seriously, others use it as a lighthearted escape room experience.

Try an Escape Room Today

Building trust in your family goals and your relationships can be a real challenge. Escape rooms can help build trust and practice communication skills among family members and help foster a greater sense of teamwork. You may already be familiar with escape rooms, or you may be on the fence about trying one out. Either way, the benefits can be numerous, and escape rooms can provide a fun, exciting experience for the whole family.

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