How to Make Your Escape Room Adventure Safe During COVID-19

You may have spent your pre-pandemic weekends at restaurants, movie theaters, bars, and museums with your friends and family. But because of the global pandemic, finding a fun activity that is a low risk of being exposed to COVID-19 can be challenging. Fortunately, some establishments follow strict safety precautions and have an environment that can easily be controlled, including escape rooms.


Why is going to an escape room during COVID-19 a great idea?

The public health safety and guidelines forced many businesses and organizations to cancel or postpone their events, which pushed everyone to self-isolate in their homes for extended periods. Unfortunately, this caused some to suffer from cabin fever that made them restless, irritable, bored, and trapped.

The fear of the virus and coping with stress during the pandemic is challenging. Since your mental health is just as important as your physical health, you should look for healthy solutions to deal with your unpleasant emotions. Keeping your mind sharp and bonding with your friends and family by heading to an escape room is a great idea.

While premier escape rooms are not as popular as other entertainment establishments, they are a much safer option. They offer a live-action and immersive experience and a unique opportunity to spend quality time together with your loved ones, tease your brain, and strengthen your teamwork.


What makes escape rooms COVID-friendly?

Escape rooms allow only a small group since each room must hold only several people. Due to the pandemic, you will not be playing with strangers. All game sessions are now private and appointment-based, which means you are playing with only people you know.

The rooms are cleaned and disinfected in between games for everyone’s safety. Other establishments also require players to sign a waiver first and have them provide their contact details for contact tracing and have them wear face masks at all times. Social distancing is also implemented, so your game master can follow your progress remotely or from a distance.


How can we make our game session worth our while?
1: Share every clue you find with your group

As soon as you enter the escape room, the first thing you need to do as a group is to search everywhere for clues and share each one that you can find. This way, you can have better chances of solving puzzles, opening a lock, or revealing new information.

2: Keep your clues organized

Lack of proper planning and control can cause your team to overlook the simplest details. Avoid this by organizing your clues and puzzles. Make sure to double-check the areas your team already looked to help you solve all the puzzles.

3: Ask for clues if you’re stumped

Standing around doing nothing may cause you to run out of time and fail to escape the room. Your game master will monitor your progress and ensure that you have an enjoyable game experience, so feel free to ask for clues if you feel like you’re stumped.



During these challenging times, one of the most effective ways to cope with all the negativity you’re going through this pandemic is to try escape rooms. They offer various benefits that can be beneficial to your overall well-being. Plus, they implement safety guidelines to keep your game experience as safe and as memorable as possible.

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