Not Just A Game – 7 Skills You Can Learn From Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are generally known as a fun activity for a group of friends or family if you’re looking for things to do in Florida. It’s an excellent source of entertainment, with a lot of thinking involved.

The main difference escape rooms have from other team-building activities is that there’s more thrill and thinking involved. But beyond this, you can learn plenty more skills from this kind of activity. Here are seven life skills you can learn from escape rooms!

1.     Teamwork

Most people think you can only successfully go through escape games when you have the brightest of the bunch in one team. But in reality, you can win escape rooms by having a great sense of teamwork. Like in real life, whether for a school project or a pitch at work, completing a task with a group requires you to be a team player.

2.     Leadership Skills

Every team needs a leader, whether for an escape game or a real-life setting. People will look for a leader to guide or keep people on track, regardless of whether it’s an online or offline escape room. These traits can also be applicable in real-life scenarios, so acting as the leader in escape rooms can improve your leadership skills in real life.

3.     Strategizing

Solving puzzles with a team requires a lot of strategizing. It needs structuring from each team member’s roles, from thinking about time allotment for every puzzle to solving each puzzle. Just like in life, many challenges you’ll face will require you to step back for a moment to strategize and solve your task head-on.

4.     Communication Skills

Communication is a crucial skill in escape games alongside teamwork. In escape rooms, time is limited, and the pressure is on for everyone to use their heads to complete a task. Sometimes, this can lead to petty fights or misunderstandings. Similarly, these things happen in our day-to-day lives, and we can overcome these challenges by improving our communication skills.

5.     Creative Thinking

Solving an escape game almost always puts you into a situation where you will have to think outside the box. You must use your mind creatively when looking for clues and solving puzzles. The real-life equivalent of this is when you will have to use your logic and creativity to solve everyday problems, especially basic patterns and signs.

6.     Keeping Your Focus

A lot goes on during escape games. There are your anxious teammates and those who came along only for comic relief, to enjoy the closed interior, and to pass the time. All this can cause you a lot of distraction, and it’s in these experiences where you get to improve your concentration. In life, you will undergo a point when there’s too much going on with so little time, and during these moments, it’s essential to keep your focus.

7.     Time Management

One of the most thrilling aspects of escape rooms is the time limit. The games are usually divided into parts where you only have about an hour to finish the entire thing. Going through escape rooms will definitely improve your efficiency with the pressure of a time limit and everything else happening around you. Naturally, time management is an important life skill that you will use in your daily life.

Final Thoughts

In the end, escape rooms can be a fun way to exercise your brains and other skills with your friends. The best part about these games is that you learn a lot more than what you signed up for that you can continue using once you go back to the real world.

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