The 4 Kinds of Players in Every Escape Room

One fine day, you and your friends decide to meet up and do something fun together, but you don’t want to go to the cinemas, hang out at the mall, nor go to the beach. You want something new and exciting—an experience that will tickle your mind and serve as a great memory that you can all appreciate for years to come.


If you’re up for a challenge, then you must try your skills and wit at the best escape room experience in Sarasota! We guarantee you hours filled with nothing but thrilling challenges and amusing games.


Before you know it, you and your friends will have taken up roles during the game. We’ve got an adventure lover, a clue hoarder, a puzzle master, and a problem solver—all of which gives another layer of fun and joy to your gaming experience.


If you want to figure out which player you are in an escape room, read on further below.


Adventure Lover


The adventure lover is someone who has an energetic personality. These are those friends who are always up to try new things, especially if it involves uncovering secrets and surprises that are waiting to be discovered. They always try to keep a positive attitude, encouraging other players to keep going until they find what they’re looking for.


With an adventure lover in your team, you have someone who is always willing to make the first move—giving helpful input and voicing out their opinions to break the ice. This gives the team the push they need to take that first step towards cracking the case.


Clue Hoarder


A clue hoarder is best known for having a reserved personality. They’re usually quiet, but incredibly keen on observing the surroundings. Aside from that, they’re constantly curious about how things work, which is what makes them so good at spotting clues and useful information in unsuspecting places.


Clue hoarders don’t seem to be afraid of anything, which is why they’d gladly open cabinets and move picture frames aside, just to get that one last clue your group needs to complete the mission. Beyond anything, however, they are trustworthy friends who will never let you down.


Puzzle Master


A puzzle master is another key player when it comes to figuring out patterns, accomplishing challenges, and deciphering codes. They love brainstorming ideas and coming up with solutions that can help them beat an escape game.


They are able to locate unusual patterns that could lead them to more hints and other key pieces of information. Puzzle masters will try their hardest not to break under pressure, keeping their cool at least long enough until they’re able to prove what they can do.


Problem Solver


Problem solvers are people who keep the team together. They are great at communicating and keeping the sanity of the group. Beyond this, they love coming up with ideas and plans that will help solve the immediate problems in front of you—they ARE problem solvers, after all!


They are great riddle masters, which is perfect for escape room experiences. If you’re looking for a leader, then a problem solver is your best choice. They will keep the group intact, assigning everyone with tasks that they know each is able to handle. A problem solver is highly skilled at coming up with answers to unlocking problems, thanks to their ability to look at the bigger picture.




An escape room is enjoyed best with a group of people bearing different personalities—each blending together to contribute towards solving the case in front of you. By knowing each personality, you can find the best strategy towards approaching the challenges posed by the escape room.


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