The Ultimate Guide for Beginners to Escape Room puzzles

You walk into the room and look around. You notice cabinet doors, padlocks, books, photographs, and other items. You think you’re ready to face the challenge, but you don’t know wher to start.

Where do you even begin? What kinds of puzzles are likely to appear in an escape room? And what might you be expected to do to solve these puzzles?

Let’s discuss some of the most basic and popular types of escape room riddles so you can spend less time questioning and more time puzzle solving.

Code Cracking

On the top of the list are code cracking and word games. Here, you’re primarily trying to figure out a coded message or a word puzzle. If a blank piece of paper is presented, you’ll have to uncover a series of scrambled letters, which can then be rearranged for an answer.

If a combination of letters and numbers is all that’s required, you’ll be presented with a grid, each square of which contains a letter and a number. Solving the puzzle usually involves looking for a phrase, name, or date. These would either be hidden across different objects in the room or pertinent details regarding the room’s narrative.

Observation Riddles

To solve an observation riddle, you have to pay attention to the words, symbols, or photographs on a page or in the room.

One of the most common observation riddles involves looking around the room and spotting particular objects. Other riddles might appear as clues on a page or a different location. Since memory recall is vital to solve these puzzles, pay attention to the names and details written in each of these elements.

Another type of observation riddle involves a photograph or a series of pictures. You’ll look at all of the images, making a note of details, like the color of an object, or you’ll have to identify something, like a person, a place, a vehicle, a famous face, or a date on a piece of helpful information.

Hidden Object Puzzles

An entire genre of object-oriented games has emerged that can be described as Hidden Object Puzzles. You might have played similar games on your smartphone or computer. A picture is presented, and part of the picture is “blocked” somehow. This can be through a circle or line that might obscure part of the photograph.

In most cases, you must search the picture and find specific items to fill in these blanks.

Puzzle Boxes

Another common type of puzzle is the puzzle box, which can be solved by following a sequence of steps that resemble a mathematical formula or a simple set of instructions. You’ll be presented with a series of steps that must be completed to open a locked box.

Memory Games

A final type of puzzle is the memory game. In this challenge, you’ll have to remember a series of names or numbers, often replacing them with a corresponding object or symbol.

The answer to the puzzle might always be the same, and the clues might be different each time.

You might have to use a combination of logic, intuition, and memory to solve this type of puzzle.


It’s hard to know for sure what you might be presented within an Escape Room. However, the most common types of puzzles involve counting, math, observation, and a combination of logic and memory.

Escape rooms can be fun and exciting with friends and a great deal of fun for kids. However, be aware that high concentration and attention are required to complete the tasks.

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