What You Have to Know to Succeed in an Escape Room

Perhaps you’re here because you’re about to go on your next adventure: an escape room. Indeed, this is a fun activity not just to do for yourself but to accomplish with friends and family. With a sequence of ingenious puzzles in a unique setting, you’re bound to be entertained from start to finish.

Read on to discover what you have to know to succeed in an escape room.

Obey the Rules

What you are told before entering a room is for your benefit. Because good game masters want your team to succeed, they will give you advice before, during, and after the game. Keep an eye on the game master and listen to them when they tell you certain rules, such as don’t show up with a drunken groupmate.

Understand the Environment

A good game master understands the game that he or she will be in charge of. Questions will be accepted throughout the briefing. At this time, ask the right questions.

For this, you will know if the room is linear or nonlinear, if different keys will be used for different rooms, how many hints you will be allowed, as well as the time limit. Once you know the answers, the better it will be for you and your group to get through the maze together.

Express Your Thoughts Verbally

Escape rooms necessitate collaboration. Effective communication is required for teamwork. Your capacity to speak and think aloud is critical to your success. Simply said, you should never be silent.

Divide and Conquer

In an escape room with a group or partner, it’s critical to play to each other’s strengths. Perhaps you can divide searchers and solvers. This way, you can engage your team and discover the leaders. The leaders are then in charge of keeping an eye on the situation and overseeing the crew. This makes group administration easier.

Be on the Lookout for One-Of-A-Kind Items

Winning teams make a difference. Throughout an escape game, you will find objects in drawers, clothing, baggage, and cabinets. Inform your group about your discovery and place it in the designated spot. This keeps things in order and cuts down on communication time.

Seek Help and Examine Your Ego

In general, unsuccessful teams do not employ their allocated clues. This is mostly due to the fact that players want to solve an escape room without assistance. However, complications come when you dedicate more than five minutes to a puzzle.

For example, a clogged puzzle takes time to complete. You should seek help if it takes you more than five minutes to make progress. Game masters are also trained to deliver subtle nudges so that your “aha!” moment is not ruined.

Don’t Waste Time Fighting

Indeed, there are numerous issues that could arise in escape rooms. Escape rooms can bring out our worst qualities, but it’s critical now to allow pressure to bring you and your team down. Instead, contribute. Don’t fight one another as this will just kill the fun and waste time!

Keep It Simple

To keep it simple, remember that Occam’s razor states that the most obvious answer is usually right. In the lack of proof, the solution with the fewest assumptions is usually the correct one. Simple steganography can be transformed into mathematics by overthinking. As such, seek the most direct answer, begin with the most obvious option, and correspond accordingly.


Escape rooms are supposed to be fun and entertaining. Accomplishing this kind of puzzle activity is a great way to bond with loved ones and add adventure to your lives. With these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to make the most out of your session and come back for more!

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