Why Escape Rooms Are a Must-Try Experience

Get ready to work together and test your problem-solving skills! Virtual escape rooms are currently taking the world by storm.

Few businesses remain unaffected by the pandemic’s effects. Location-based entertainment establishments had no choice but to shut down to protect the public’s health. Companies offering in-person group experiences cannot bring players into their different facilities to play.

After months of isolation and no end in sight in different places, companies reinvent their popular in-person escape room experience into an entirely virtual one. Here’s how the iconic escape rooms can be a big hit to online players while staying safe in the comfort of their own homes!

  1. They Still Have Hosts and Game Guides

The rooms and individual puzzles are similar to the in-person versions. The only difference is the presentation.

Generally, after joining an online call and watching a short introduction, the host will introduce your team and the game guide who are physically present in the escape room. The game guide is your team’s representative; he explores the spaces and solves the puzzles while your team instructs him.

  1. Players Get a First-Person POV

The escape rooms have different chambers with puzzles to solve to progress to the next. Anytime the game guide enters a new space, players receive a 360-degree image. They can also look at the room’s live feed through a body camera and communicate with the Game Guide, ask them questions, and what to do next. How cool is that?!

  1. Everyone Can Look at the Inventory (Safely)

Whenever the Game Guide receives an item, the host adds it to the players’ virtual inventories. Whether these are keys or puzzles that need combining or decoding, a virtual realm allows players to see all the clues simultaneously while avoiding crowding and contamination caused by passing around physical objects.

  1. They Provide a More Polite, Orderly Environment

In virtual escape rooms, Zoom players are calmer and more orderly. They can take turns sharing their thoughts and communicating with the game guide. It can also be easier to assign tasks to each player when there are multiple steps to a puzzle. While these games can be chaotic and fun, they’re often less overwhelming.

Downsides of Remote Games

While this thrilling experience allows players to enjoy the game and stay safe, some things are not suitable for the virtual format. For example, some puzzles involve sorting the objects by weight, and players can only solve it by asking the game guide.

Picking up subtle differences can also be tricky. Solving puzzles can also be less fun if you’re not physically there to solve them yourself. At the same time, inserting a key into a lock yourself is more entertaining than watching someone else do it.

Still, players can still enjoy an amazing time when they play virtual escape rooms. The teamwork and thrill are still there, and they can have fun while staying safe.

Getting The Most Out Of Digital Play

With the pandemic heavily impacting the location-based entertainment industries, they resort to reinventing their iconic escape rooms into a virtual experience so players can still enjoy the experience while staying safe. However, it’s not as satisfying as solving puzzles yourself in the actual room.

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