2 Escape Skills That Will Serve You Well in Escape Rooms

If you grew up as a kid who loved magic tricks and the idea of bringing the allure of illusions and amazement to life, then you may have always wanted to be the next Houdini or David Blaine.

Beyond card tricks and pulling rabbits out of hats, a crucial aspect of magic that you may have ended up carrying onto your later years is the thrill of an escape. While you may not necessarily be living your life as a professional magician, you might still enjoy the same sensation of getting out of tight situations, which is a similar thrill that you can find in escape rooms.

Although they may seem like two completely different scenarios, the escapes seen in magic tricks and escape rooms have more in common than you might expect.

Both of these exhilarating experiences call for a commitment to the craft, dedication to maintaining a clear head at all times, and constant improvement each time you (intentionally) get yourself into a sticky situation. Whether it’s your first session or hundredth one, you’ll quickly realize that an escape room can easily fulfill the same desire you had for escape magic tricks.

Among the different similarities that you’ll notice between your old and new passion and hobby, the skills you need to foster and possess are well worth taking note of.

The different magic skills that you’ll need to have in the escape room

If you want to beat an escape room successfully, it’s safe to say that you’ll need to use the same skills that the greatest magicians used to escape tight boxes either on fire, in water, or buried underground. To ensure that you get to connect the two artforms and successfully escape the next room you’ve booked at Premier Escape Adventures, here are two skills that you need to develop:


Skill #1: Creative thinking

One of the essential abilities that both successful escape artists and escape room conquerors have is the ability to think outside of the box when it comes to creating a solution.

Like the way Houdini managed to escape his straightjacket while he was submerged underwater, you’ll need to be crafty in finding the solutions to plot your escape before the time runs out. For example, in our escape rooms, you’ll need to look beyond the obvious by spotting key details or even searching for clues on the walls that can help you get out!

Skill #2: Determination

If you don’t have the necessary determination to get out of the room that you’re trapped in, then there’s no way that you’re going to put a successful escape attempt together.

Regardless of what escape artist you study, you’ll most likely notice that they all have the same sense of determination that allows them to overcome even the most adverse challenges quickly. Once you understand the whole idea of being as determined as possible, you can take on any high-level escape room with the right mindset for success!

The best part? You can continuously improve your sense of determination by booking sessions at Premier Escape Adventures as often as you want – you’re bound to see improvement after every visit!


When you take a look at the art and science of escape tricks and enjoying escape rooms, you’ll notice that there are common skills used for both of them, which are well-worth cultivating. With this guide’s help, you can start fostering the necessary abilities you’ll need to conquer your next escape room session with ease in no time!

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