Teamwork Makes The Dream Work – 3 Ways Escape Rooms Create Stronger Remote Teams

When it comes to running a business, cooperation, and mutual understanding between employees make up the foundation of long-term success. Teamwork makes the dream work, after all, which is why HR departments create team-building activities as a thrilling way to strengthen the communication between your staff.

Unfortunately, not all activities set are effective, especially since it typically involves company outings filled with ice breakers and trust falls. While retreats, sports fests, or beach trips can help put everyone in a good mood, it doesn’t do much to improve your staff’s sense of teamwork.

Escape rooms offer a solution as it thrusts different groups of people in a live-action adventure, while the time limit gives the narrative a sense of urgency when uncovering clues. It’s an activity that requires all minds to work together, giving each individual unique and pivotal roles to play. Seeing as it’s a highly engaging and enriching experience, here are more reasons it is the best choice for building a stronger team:

Benefit #1: Build Trust

There’s no doubt that people have a tendency to rely on their own skill, but playing in an escape room breaks that habit and forces you to trust your teammates if you want to win. Each player should have a role – be it finding clues, putting them together, and cracking them to solve the bigger picture.

Ordinary gimmicks may be fun, but escape rooms allow you to see how other members can be dependable, witty, and hard working. When you see the value of their skills in winning the game, everyone can build trust in the office too.

Benefit #2: Improve Communication

Poor communication can quickly become a bottleneck in your productivity, but escape rooms offer the perfect opportunity to put their skills to the test. Seeing as delegating tasks is a must in this game, it’s up to every player to constantly share what they can find and ensure all information relayed in an efficient manner.

Without proper communication, two or more players can waste their time finding the same clue, leaving the rest unnoticed. This level of pressure and the need for openness can break hierarchies and hone their communication skills in more ways than one.

Benefit #3: Improve Time-Management Skills

Seeing as most escape rooms only spare 60 minutes to beat the game, the time constraint forces everyone to work as efficiently as possible to cover all the elements in the game. From delegating tasks, learning to move on from dead-end tasks to managing stress, escape rooms offer an avenue where members can use their problem-solving capabilities to maximize the available resources to win the game on time.

The Bottom Line: How Escape Rooms Builds Trust, Establishes Stronger Bonds, And Encourages Collaboration In Remote Teams

The most addicting factor about escape rooms is that it offers exciting challenges, thrill, and adventure for different people, making it the ultimate activity that encourages team members to put their wits together to beat the game.

Seeing as it throws people together in a fun and highly collaborative environment, escape rooms offer the opportunity for companies to let employees have fun and strengthen their relationships. In today’s current state wherein companies are forced to work in remote environments, building a stronger and closer team is more crucial than ever before.

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