3 Reasons People Love to Participate in Escape Rooms

While the concept of escape rooms is quite simple, there is just something about it that people love. In fact, escape rooms are making a big comeback, and more people are giving it a go and finding out that it is an absolute blast.

That being said, why exactly do people love escape rooms so much? Nothing good can come out of being locked in a room, right? Well, you’d be surprised. Many people have their reasons to love escape rooms. Some love teamwork, some just love the adrenaline rush!

Today, we’re going to talk about the various reasons people love escape rooms and some reasons which you may also end up having:

1: Escape Rooms Are Unique Experiences

With so many escape room themes thought up by planners to keep participants on their toes, each escape room experience is almost always different. Regardless, the main appeal to many about escape rooms is that the experience it offers is much different from traditional forms of entertainment. Compare escape rooms to things like watching TV or playing video games. While these two activities are fun in their respective manner, the experience escape rooms offer is entirely different. Being able to interact with real people and real objects, communicate together to overcome challenges, and escape the room within time—these experiences are hardly found anywhere else!

2. The Moments Experienced Are Shareable

Whether success or failure ensues an escape room activity, one can admit that the experiences enjoyed are memorable. The best part about this is that such moments are shareable, especially on social media.

When escape room participants get to sit back, relax and look at the post-escape room photo they took with the group, all sorts of memories pop up. From the incredible eureka moments that help move the team forward to funny fails forever to be remembered, these memories are to be cherished forever. Such memories can also be shared on social media, sharing the fun and joy to other people who have already or have yet to experience escape rooms!

3. The Relationships between Friends and Family Get Stronger

If there is one thing that escapes rooms can do incredibly well, that’s to build relationships between friends and family. After all, no phones are allowed in the room, and the only interaction there is either between the puzzles or between another person.

It is this type of interaction that many companies often send their employees to participate in. Each person gets to find out what they’re made of, and the leaders in the group will easily step and guide the team through. In fact, with how life can get so busy, this might be one of the few chances that people can get together and enjoy one another’s presence, developing strong relationships that will last for many years to come.


Whether it be the memories that are easily shared or the relationships that are strengthened, there is just so much about escape rooms to be enjoyed. Especially now when social interactions are minimal, the easing of the restrictions has allowed many families and friends to finally come back together to enjoy each other’s company once more. Of course, with escape rooms up and running, these precious moments can easily be spent playing a game that requires everyone to work together, solve challenges, and finally escape the room together!

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