5 Perks of Escape Room Games as Team Building Activities

Corporate teams need to be just as coordinated and responsive as sports teams, which is why team-building activities are a must. By performing activities together as a unit, their communication and collaborative skills become more solid and reliable. However, over time, traditional team-building activities can get dull and even frustrating to host. Thankfully, company managers can choose an alternative that’s just as mentally engaging for their team members.

Escape Games as Corporate Team-Building Activities

Most people see escape games as a fun opportunity to pass the time. However, it can also be considered as a simplified yet optimized team-building activity. In fact, many of its core puzzle-solving mechanics have close parallels to leading a corporate team. For this reason, escape games serve as great alternatives to building stronger team relations in and out of the workplace.

In this article, we’ll share five perks of escape games as corporate team-building activities.

  1. Escape Games Are Easy to Book

Unlike traditional team-building activities that demand reservations on resorts or complexes, escape games can occur in just a small room. This solves the issue of spending hundreds of dollars on weekend-long logistics. While this limits participants to two to eight at a time, a smaller group leads to more integrated coordination to solve each game’s specific tasks.

  1. Escape Games Have Plenty of Variety

The problem with traditional team-building activities is that they get repetitive over time. This is mostly a logistical issue since obstacle courses and group games are limited with the venue. Thankfully, escape games have plenty of variety to choose from.

One of the greatest selling points of escape games is their versatility in themed rooms. Some can be based on popular movies and series, while others can take inspiration from real-life situations. This makes team-building activities more like an exciting surprise for everyone.

  1. Escape Games Reinforce Quick Thinking

Escape game participants won’t know what they’ll expect before they enter their session. This prevents new players from knowing details about the room beforehand. Since each session has a time limit, players are forced to use their quick thinking to gather clues, solve puzzles, and reach the goal of each uniquely themed room.

  1. Escape Games Strengthen Individual and Collaborative Skill Sets

Since there’s a time limit to escape games, each player needs to perform different tasks in the room. Although it may seem easier to play with a group, it’s actually harder to coordinate a larger team in escape games. For this reason, players need to learn to speak and listen to each other effectively.

  1. Escape Game Build Stronger Bonds

Finding clues and solving puzzles may seem like a chore, but it’s a lot more exciting once you’re in an isolated environment. This is why escape games are excellent for building stronger bonds. After every session, the participants will learn more about each other’s personalities in intense situations. It’s an introspective look that can have great value in the workplace.


Managing a team isn’t just about making them efficient in the workplace. Sometimes, taking them out of their usual environment to try something new will lead to greater motivation and productivity. With just one session in an escape room game, your team will feel more bonded and united to face the difficulties of the office the next day.

By playing around at our escape games, you’ll have a more solidified workforce in the office. If you’re looking for an escape room in Bradenton for your corporate team-building sessions, book a session with us today!

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