3 Ways Escape Rooms Will Improve Your Teamwork

Escape rooms are steadily gaining a reputation as being a fun activity that’s best suited for family members or a large group of friends. Instead of just having dinner or watching a movie, you and your loved ones can instead subject yourselves to a game of sleuthing and piecing together clues for fun!

Escape rooms challenge you and your loved one’s mettle as a group by forcing you to “beat” the game in a set amount of time. Besides being a fun activity, the skills you develop and practice together in an escape room challenge are ultimately useful in everyday life, making it a worthwhile exercise.

Are escape rooms suitable as team-building activities?

Yes, they most definitely are! Escape rooms will make even the most reserved team member take a more active role in uncovering the game’s mysteries. If you have a large department or business, you can turn escape rooms into a competition by seeing which team beats the game in the shortest amount of time.

Here are three reasons why escape rooms are the best team-building exercise ever:


1: Escape rooms develop synergy between team members

Synergy is the interaction or cooperation between two or more entities to produce a product or effect greater than what they would have accomplished if they did so separately. As a team manager, department head, or CEO, you want your employees to have synergy. Theoretically, you could run your whole business yourself; it would just take you longer and at a greater personal cost.

This is the same with escape rooms. It’s perfectly reasonable to assume that even just one person could beat piece together clues and beat an escape room. However, with nobody to help, that person could take longer to finish their task.

Escape rooms help develop that synergy because an escape room’s closed environment encourages people to take action. After all, 60 minutes inside a closed space is too long to sit down idly and do nothing!


2: Escape rooms provide opportunities for bonding

Humans are social animals, and we all desire to build meaningful relationships, albeit to varying degrees. Team-building activities like escape rooms give employees the chance to form happy memories that will foster camaraderie and loyalty in the long run.

All things being equal, an employee will choose a workplace with whom they have formed meaningful relationships than another one where they work with strangers. When your company faces tough times down the road, it’s these memories and relationships that will help convince your employees to remain loyal and resist jumping ships.


3: Escape rooms give employees a reason to celebrate small wins

We all have our good days and bad days. Work can be extremely tough sometimes, and your employees need a break. We know from psychology studies that even small wins, such as beating an escape room, can prod our brains to release dopamine and serotonin—both chemical compounds that make us feel better.

Besides relieving stress, the neurological boost naturally helps people feel comfortable with each other, which is the ultimate goal of any team-building activity.



Team-building activities don’t have to be overly complicated. However, they do have to be exciting and engaging. Instead of relying on cliche activities like trust-falls, why not go for escape rooms? You’ll have less trouble organizing the whole affair, and there’s guaranteed fun for everybody involved.

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