Becoming an Escape Artist – 6 Tips for Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are all the rage these days. They are escape games that offer an exhilarating bout of fun, mystery, and thrill (sometimes even panic!) as participants try to solve puzzles and find clues on how to escape the room they’re in. What makes this such a unique attraction is the different themes used to add personality to each room. If you are up to solving a Mayan curse to escape the ‘tomb’ you’re trapped in, that’s definitely a possibility with escape rooms!

You might be wondering what happens if you can’t find a way to escape while you’re in the room. Here are some tips that will help you gear up and get ready to solve that mystery and get out of an escape room adventure in no time!


1: Join an Escape Room with Friends and Family

Being locked in a room for an hour with people you know will be much easier to break out of compared to working with strangers you’re meeting for the first time. You’ll feel more comfortable and will have an easier time coming up with your escape plan with people you are already familiar with. Try asking for a dedicated room for an additional fee so you can have a more immersive and unforgettable experience with your pals or siblings.


2: Make Sure to Follow the Rules

Being inside the escape room doesn’t mean that you can let loose and try any means necessary to get out. There are rules in place for everybody’s safety to ensure that it’s a fun and risk-free space for all players. They also ensure that you don’t waste time looking for clues where there aren’t any. Though rules may vary per location, here are some that most escape rooms include:


  • No picture taking, video recording, or using your phone
  • No running
  • No standing on or lifting of any furniture
  • No removing of objects from the walls


3: Work as a Team

It’s easy to get in your head when you’re intensely focused on finding an escape route.    Remember to listen to your teammates, especially when the puzzle is becoming challenging to solve! They may have the answer that you were looking for all along.


4: Split the Work

Instead of having eight people figuring out one clue, get two people to work together while everybody else finds and solves the other clues. This way, people who complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses with certain puzzles can figure it out much faster. It also allows every person to figure something out for themselves, giving them that coveted “Eureka!” moment.


5: Keep Organized 

Keeping all your materials and clues organized will allow you to sort the puzzle out in your head with more ease. Less mess means you can focus on the right things and find the hints you’ve been trying to find for ages. It might be useful to create a pile of things you’ve already used so you can keep moving forward.


6: Make Use of Your Game Guide

Don’t be shy; ask your game guide as many questions as possible to get the most information possible to point you in the right direction much more quickly. Some questions you can ask are the following:


  • “How much time do we have remaining?”
  • “Is (state object) a clue?”
  • “Our guess for the correct code is 1234. Is this the answer?”


There’s no harm in asking as many questions as possible because the worst that can happen is your game guide saying they cannot answer it. Take advantage of this tip, and you’ll be out of that room in no time!



Trying out escape rooms is a whole lot of fun, especially when you go with friends or family! If you’re a more experienced escape artist, try upping the ante by doing the escape room with strangers or no clues at all. It’s a great way to get your mind’s gears turning with the feeling of solving a big puzzle. Remember to have fun and see where your escape adventures take you!

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