4 Reasons to Use Escape Rooms for Your Next Christmas Party

If you’re looking for something to do for your next work Christmas party, trying an escape room could be your best bet. The holiday season is the height of all festivities, with everyone feeling the buzz of holiday cheer.

Host a holiday party your coworkers will remember by solving escape room puzzles together as a great way to bond. There are many fun reasons why escape rooms are an effective party theme, and here’s why. 

  • Great for Team Building

Escape rooms build camaraderie far more than your average holiday party. Because coworkers are forced to work together towards an active goal, it helps them be more participative as compared to simply sitting down at a party and socializing.

For most holiday parties, you find yourself just mingling and eating food. While there’s nothing wrong with it, it can get old really quickly. Instead of your guests finding themselves on their phones the whole time, they can use their skills for puzzle-solving instead.

Teamwork in escape rooms is all about listening and sharing ideas. To work together, they end up improving their communication skills with the team as well.

  • Fun Way to Bond

Escape rooms are great for the simple reason that they are just fun! Everyone in the office can have a hell of a time making memories in an escape room as compared to a simple office party.

Imagine the thrill of solving a puzzle and making it out alive before the timer ends. Doesn’t that sound like a story you could tell months from now, instead of “we ate gingerbread cookies by our old desks”?

Escape rooms are not limited to one theme as well. You can try out a different room every time and get new puzzles and challenges. Bringing your party outside of the workplace will help your coworkers relax and unwind without having to think about the stress of work.

  • Creates Competition

To spice things up a little, you could always introduce some competition to the party. Divide your office into smaller groups and set up a prize for those who can finish the fastest. A little healthy competition doesn’t hurt to elevate their experience.

Having competition makes everything all the more exciting, and people will be forced to work with their team better. It could also be interesting to see how each group thinks and functions as a team as well. 

  • Brings Out Creativity

Another reason why escape rooms are great: it makes people think. You might find that each team in your office comes up with solutions and reaches puzzles in a different way than the others. Each individual can come up with out-of-the-box solutions for everything.

Working with a team will also help them come to these creative solutions together. I think you’ll find that it goes far beyond being an office holiday party but becomes a team-building experience that no one will forget.



Escape rooms are a fun Christmas party activity that will stimulate your office better. Being in an environment completely different from their workplace, everyone can have a fun time while bonding and making memories.

An escape room is one of the best things to do in Florida. At Premier Escape Adventures, we have interactive facilities for every age and skillset that provides an immersive and interactive experience. It is the perfect bonding activity for anyone. Book a room with us today!

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