Tips to Play an Escape Room with Someone New to Games

There are so many tough things that you have to go through in life, and none are harder than having to introduce something new to your friends. There’s the possibility of them feeling completely lost, hating the experience, or just downright thinking to themselves about how bored they are. And, of course, no person ever wants their friend to feel that way.

The thought of someone not enjoying themselves is pretty much every gaming enthusiasts’ worst nightmare, and the prospects with an escape room may go either way. However, almost every team that goes in leaves the place after having quite a fun time, whether the mystery is solved or not.

Past experience is a plus, but it’s even more of a thrill when they’re new to the game. Here are some simple tips on how to play with a friend that’ll try escape games for the first time:


1) Encourage Them

Before even booking the room, you might be faced with a bit of protest from your friend. This could go from their distaste for games to their admitted position of being bad at such activities, but it’s important not to damper their spirit.

Encourage and reassure them that they’ll have a good time in the escape room. You could also open up about how you just want to make memories with such an exciting experience all along the way, as well as how everything deserves the first try.


2) Work Together as a Team

A mistake that most escape room veterans make is that they hog pretty much every task in the room. However, the games require such an emphasis on teamwork, and it’s important to have the tasks delegated and allow your friend to participate as well.

Instead of carrying the whole game by searching for clues and interacting with everything by yourself, walk your friend through the experience and allow them to try it out. Immersing yourself and your partners in the endeavor together will bring your team a step closer to victory.


3) Uplift their Skills

Some hesitation of participating may start to show when a friend feels like they’ll just weigh the team down. Be sure to raise their spirits when that happens by cheering them on when they contribute or help out the team.

For example, even if your friend isn’t an escape game enjoyer yet, they may be a genius at regular puzzles and cracking codes. There will be plenty of opportunities for them to do so once all the clues are collected, so volunteer and uplift them to do so.


4) Share the Joy of Escape Games

Another reason why your friend might be a little on edge before getting into the game is that they have no clue what they’re getting into. This is when you should share about the joy of an escape room and that fulfilling feeling of being able to solve a mystery.

There are numerous tasks to do, and even just going in with your friends and entering this fantasy world or RPG to complete an objective is just too hard to turn down. It’s a hands-on adventure game that will provide an unforgettable memory.



What makes escape rooms so exciting is that they can be a totally new experience, whether you’ve tried them before or not. Going through one with your friend will definitely prove to be a wholly unique situation for both of you to solve together.

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