4 Things You Shouldn’t Do In An Escape Room Adventure

Going into an escape room adventure is a highly intoxicating experience—the adrenaline from just thinking about it is enough to get you hooked. From the intense excitement and anticipation from waiting for your schedule to the butterflies you feel in your stomach right before you enter, and all the way to the dread as you see the clock move down signaling to end your time, all this jumble of emotions can be one amazing experience.

Getting overly emotional while in-game, however, is not advised; it’s an assured way to lose valuable time and possibly even fail the task completely. Drowning in your emotions won’t only give you a hard time, it’ll also spoil the excitement and efforts of the people around you. The key to overcoming an escape room is to manage your emotions.

Here are four things you absolutely shouldn’t do to get through an escape room game:

Don’t panic

It’s probably the advice you hear way too often, but maintaining a cool head and not panicking is the best advice for escape room games. There are many things that can stress you out, the confined space, the difficult challenges, or even the constricted time. Giving in to the stress of all those is a sure-fire way to drop out immediately.

Always keep your head in the game. Escape room challenges are made to be difficult, but never impossible. Take things one at a time and you’ll eventually find the solution. Have fun and enjoy the experience—after all, the clock will run no matter how much you worry.

Pro-tip: If you’re the type to get claustrophobic (fear of confined spaces), then escape rooms may not be for you. The main premise of an escape room often starts with a locked, confined space, making it a sure trigger for claustrophobia.

Don’t be lax

Just because you shouldn’t panic doesn’t mean you should be lax with the whole thing. As much as taking your time with everything can help you maintain a clear head, sticking to only one task that you’ve been puzzling on for almost half your time isn’t wise. Learn when to move on to the next thing, and keep your brain in an active mode.

Don’t underestimate nor overthink

Many of the smarter people tend to get cocky when it comes to escape room adventures—leading to a large blind spot. Underestimating the room can bite you back when you’re scrounging your time later on.

Overthinking the whole thing can also be a large waste of time. If something seems doable, then do it, don’t overanalyze. By spending all your time thinking and planning, you lose valuable time you could have spent actually doing something. Sometimes you have to take a risk, keep moving, and then if it’s wrong, that’s when you figure it out.

Don’t dismiss anything

Some people often find themselves dismissing other people’s ideas just because it doesn’t coincide with theirs. This won’t only disrupt the harmony of your group; it can also hamper your progress. Being open to ideas will help you see things from a new perspective—this leads to insights, plans, and sometimes, new clues to help resolve the situation.


Don’t give in to the stress and pressure of your emotions when you’re going into an escape room. It’s important to relax and enjoy, after all, the whole point of an escape room adventure is to have fun. Put your head in the game, keep a cool, collected mindset, and maintain an open perspective—these are the keys to overcoming the challenge.

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