4 Ways Escape Rooms Boost Your Brain

Escape rooms combine excitement, mystery, and a love for problem-solving all in one thrilling experience, but other than enjoying a memorable activity with friends, colleagues, or family, escape rooms can also leave a lasting impact on your thinking process in more ways than one. From collecting clues to understanding enigmas, playing in escape rooms can encourage you to think outside the box.


How Does Escape Rooms Help Make You Smarter?

As an escape room player, one has to solve problems and think quickly to get everyone out of the room and escape. Instead of thinking in a simple linear fashion, the players must think in an abstract, lateral way. Solving puzzles, finding hidden clues, and unraveling all the clues provide insight into lateral thinking.

Lateral thinking can come in handy in any scenario, whether it’s work, school, or life in general. Solving puzzles requires a long-term play where players can think about a problem from all angles and perspectives in order to come up with the solution. Practicing and/or experiencing lateral thinking can spark a creative mindset that can be used in your everyday life.


A Fun Work Out For Your Brain

The ability to think fast and coordinate a plan of action when you are in the middle of a game will stimulate your memory and imagination. You’ll be surprised to see how much your brain will be working during a game and how much energy it will be using up. The more you play, the more they are able to think on their toes and the faster they are able to solve problems.


Boost Your Observation Skills

Escape room requires acute attention to detail. Players must be aware of their surroundings and study every aspect of them to gain some sort of insight. This exercise trains your brain to look at the details, making it easier to detect changes in future observations.

Some puzzles are so well hidden that they are only noticeable by the players who are paying attention to their surroundings. Being observant is a skill that helps our mind-eye coordination and allows us to focus on relevant information. Paying attention to details can help solve puzzles and lead to higher success rates when it comes to problem-solving.


Escape Rooms Fabricate Real-Life Problems

Solving an escape room will simulate real-life situations where one must apply their problem-solving skills. Such an immersive experience can help you become more adaptable and develop a sense of discipline.


Escape Rooms Can Help You Think on Your Feet

Players have limited time to solve a series of puzzles, making it a pressure-filled situation. This situation forces you to think fast and act quickly without having to overthink. This exercise in itself is a form of stress relief. You’ll feel calmer and more relaxed after going through a game.


The Bottom Line: How Escape Rooms are Exciting Ways to Improve Your Mental Game

No one can deny the fact that escape rooms are, above all, an enjoyable activity. It’s an art that encourages further cultivation of the mind and emotions. But if you want to experience more benefits brought about by your escape room outing, you’ll have to step out of your comfort zone and embrace the things that are new and challenging.


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