7 Escape Room Themes for a Fun Night with the Gang

Escape rooms have evolved beyond the typical theme of escape the room or break out of jail. Now, they focus on player immersion, where you will experience an immersive story to create believability in the game.

Although, some escape room developers want the escape room to be the essential part of the experience and will formulate fantastical story elements. Here are some of the brilliant themes in escape rooms that you can try, from sci-fi themes like defending humanity from evil aliens to more complex detective stories:

1: The Classic Escape Room

Also known as escape the room, this is the traditional escape room where you team up with your friends, complete tasks, and get out of the room. The themes usually focus on solving puzzles, searching for clues, or even overcoming obstacles. You will be given a theme, and your team must follow it.

2: Murder Mystery

The murder mystery escape room is like the adult version of a mystery game. It’s about finding clues and solving puzzles to get the perpetrator. These escape rooms are famous for their theme and storyline. Several developers create the best murder mystery escape room ever, yet the puzzles can be disappointing.

3: Horror Escape Room

The horror escape room is popular with those more daring and willing to get scared. The horror room is typically a psychological thriller where you are taken to a certain place and are confronted with a series of puzzles and unique challenges. The goal will be to escape the room in time while avoiding the horrors hidden inside.

4: Monsters Theme

Love fighting with your friends? Then you will probably love the Monsters theme. In this theme, you will be fighting creatures and solving a mystery that involves monsters. You could expect zombies, vampires, or other creatures. You will be given a weapon and the task of fighting creatures and using their characteristics to your advantage.

5: The Heist Escape Room

The Heist escape room is like the movie Ocean’s Eleven but in a leisure room. The concept is an intricate robbery that requires teamwork and skill. The setup includes a place where you will be locked in and have puzzles to solve to get out. The gameplay is like a movie, where you will be helping a mastermind to steal a diamond or painting.

6: Escape the Dream

If you are looking for something more psychological level, you might want to try the escape the dream. This theme is where you find yourself in a nightmare where everything is against you. You will be lost in a world where you have to escape to the real world. The challenges are more psychological and are purely in your own mind.

7: Science Fiction Escape Room

The science-fiction escape room is for you if you like exploring the unknown. You will be placed in a strange environment with numerous puzzles that you have to solve to get out. The themes are typically futuristic and mysterious. Various items may be found or seen in this room to help you solve the puzzles.


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