5 Benefits of Playing Escape Rooms That You Didn’t Know

Escape rooms have risen in popularity in recent times, with more and more people looking to test their intellect, critical thinking, and teamwork.

With that said, many individuals don’t necessarily see the benefits of working through an escape room. They think it’s a waste of time, especially with other activities available online and offline.

If you think the same, that’s okay! This guide will walk you through various benefits of playing escape rooms.

1. Escape Rooms Help People Build Connections

When you work in an escape room with people, you’re forced to trust each other. Why? Each team needs to work together to escape the room. This can build a sense of teamwork and a positive work environment.

Of course, you also get to know each other better as you talk to each other while solving puzzles. Communication can help people build connections, which is how friendships are made!

As you’re working together, you also learn more about their skills and knowledge base. The takeaway? Playing escape rooms will help you build friendships, trust, and teamwork in the workplace.

2. Escape Rooms Stimulate the Brain

Most escape rooms are designed to test your logic and critical thinking skills. You exercise your brain and improve your cognitive performance by solving each puzzle.

Playing an escape room is especially beneficial for individuals working in high-pressure roles.

For example, students may need to improve their critical thinking for exams. A manager must think critically to solve complex problems as well. While this is a common trait, escape rooms can enhance your ability to find solutions quickly and effectively.

3. Escape Rooms Teach People to Deal with Limitations

Escape rooms encourage people to use their creativity to solve problems. As you work with the given resources, you learn to work within the boundaries.

For example, you need to use a candle to illuminate the room with limited light. As a result, you learn to work with few resources.

Learning to work with limitations makes individuals more productive when given a new job or working on a new project. They’ll understand the limitations and how to approach them properly.

4. Escape Rooms Allow People to Build Confidence

When you work with a small group, you need to be confident in your abilities.

Confidence is the starting point for individuals to perform better. Without the belief in your abilities and ideas, it’s hard to succeed in your tasks.

However, this can be tough to do when you’re new to a role or haven’t worked in a group before. By playing escape rooms, you gain the confidence to work in a team and improve your performance.

5. Escape Rooms Are Fun

Lastly, escape rooms are fun!

Most escape rooms feature a theme that closely resembles a real-life scenario. As you work your way through the puzzles and see the mastermind behind them, you enjoy the experience

Moreover, you learn to communicate better and better understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This is how you create more effective groups and improve overall productivity

Final Note

As you can see, playing in escape rooms is beneficial for individuals. These rooms help you foster teamwork, trust, and confidence, among other things.

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