Reasons Why Escape Rooms are a Great Team Building Activity

Team building activities are meant to be fun, but doing the same team breakfast or brunch every time can get old fast. Escape rooms are a great way to freshen up the team-building vibe and allow people to have fun while strengthening the bond as a team.

If you are ever looking for something new to try for your next team-building activity, consider an escape room! This blog post will shed light on why this is a great idea!

Reasons Why Escape Rooms are a Great Team Building Activity

1 – A Great Sense of Achievement

Escape rooms are an incredibly fun way to get the team working together toward a common goal. It requires teamwork, with each person bringing a special skill or talent to the challenge. Everyone has his or her own part to play, and the team will fully enjoy a feeling of accomplishment when they break out of the room!

2 – A Fun Challenge

Escape rooms are challenging. They require a great deal of thinking and coordination. This is what makes it fun. The excitement is almost palpable when trying to figure out how to solve the puzzle and ultimately “escape” the room.

3 – It’s Something New

Escape rooms are novel. It’s something most people haven’t tried before. It’s something the team can share and talk about later. It sets the mood for a great time and can lead to good laughs as well as a lot of “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe we did that!” moments.

4 – Encourages Team Spirit and Motivation

Team building activities involving a challenge are a great way to encourage team spirit. When team members are able to get along and come together for a common goal, their motivation levels increase. The teamwork and sense of accomplishment are enough to make them want to achieve better results on the next big project!

5 – It Works Even When You’re Hanging Out with People You Don’t Know

You don’t have to be in a work setting to enjoy the benefits of escape rooms. Most escape rooms will be good for a group of friends or even a group of people from work or from your neighborhood. You and your friends can discover the fun of escape rooms long after you’ve all left the workforce!

6 – Multiple Challenges to Play

Escape rooms can be different each time you visit. It is perfect for players who like a good challenge yet enjoy doing something different each time. If you’re looking for a change, then escape rooms are a great option!

7 – Fosters Creativity and Problem-Solving

When you get into a team-building exercise, teamwork and problem-solving abilities are strengthened. This is a great way to encourage a sense of camaraderie, and your team will enjoy a new and fun experience all at once!


Escape rooms are a great way to have fun and build teamwork at the same time. Try one out! You will have a great time and will be very happy with the accomplishment.

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