5 Commonly Used Locks and Puzzles in Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have become all the rage, not just in the USA, but all over the world. The immersive and interactive experience in which you try to escape the room you are in has tantalized people looking for a wonderful group activity that stimulates the mind. Not only that, but it is a great way to build connections with other people, as it takes teamwork to solve the puzzles and locks.

The beauty of escape rooms is that these come in a variety of themes. It is fully possible for you to try and escape from a post-apocalyptic prison in the wake of an alien invasion, or escape from evil zombies or vampires before they are reanimated.

It is perfectly normal to feel apprehension if you are uninitiated to the world of escape rooms. To help with that, we have created a guide to some of the most common puzzles found in them. We, of course, won’t give the ending away, but we do hope this can help you have a lot of fun with some friends.

The Padlock

Many of these rooms make creative use of padlocks, giving you the task of locating the key or code that unlocks it. This will be revealed one way or another in the clues left in the room.

The Number Pad

This is a popular addition to many escape rooms, placed at the exit. More often than not, a number code will be needed to unlock the exit door. If it is a number you are looking for, then you will definitely have to solve a few puzzles to do so. If you are having difficulty solving it or finding the clues, you can always ask your game guide for a clue.

The RFID Tag Sensor

RFID is a wireless technology that allows devices and functions to be performed when activated through proximity of a specific RFID tag. These tags can be as thin as a sticker, and can be placed and inserted in any number of items. That means the bottom of that little statuette, or the severed hand prop might be a key in some way.

This is particularly popular because even the sensors can be placed in various objects, making it fully possible that certain puzzles can be solved by placing a few random items in the room together.

The Directional Lock

There are certain escape room scenarios that will make use of a directional lock. More often than not, this will involve having a few maps serving as clues within the room. In some cases, the puzzle will refer to the directions as up, down, left, and right; in others, it will be North, South, East, and West.

The Lock Box

Lock boxes are popular for keeping clues and sacred MacGuffins out of reach from puzzle solvers until they reach a certain point. They are a mainstay in many escape rooms, and might be hidden somewhere—behind a painting, under the ruins of post-apocalyptic destruction, and so on. Whatever the case may be, make sure to follow the instructions of your game guide when opening them up.

Final thoughts

Escape rooms are here to stay as a wonderful group activity that stimulates the intellect and lives on teamwork. They are not just great for groups of friends, but for colleagues and acquaintances alike. With this guide, you might just lead your team to victory and to escape the next time you visit one of these rooms.

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