Debunking 3 Common Escape Room Myths – Part 1

Escape rooms are booming in the market as it offers people a chance to venture into unique dreamscapes and live out their fantasy adventures – even for just an hour. It’s a buzzword that has people talking excitedly about taking on a unique experience, but not all that jumps on the bandwagon have the right knowledge on where they’re headed.

All its popularity comes with old misconceptions that can take away the fun out of escape rooms, especially for newcomers curious about the hype. Don’t let these untruths get in the way of your next adventure, so we’re here to bust these common myths so you can enjoy the game to the fullest:


Myth #1: All Escape Rooms Have Scary and Gory Themes

Many people focus on the scarier narratives in escape rooms, but there’s plenty of stories and mysteries to explore. It just so happens that the horror franchise is a heavy-hitter in the scene, but it’s not the only theme that can make a long-lasting impression.

From wintry-themed puzzles, murder mysteries, and even a hilarious rendition of escaping date-night disasters, there’s plenty of worlds to enjoy in escape rooms.


Myth #2: Escape Rooms are for Smart People Only

Escape rooms are centered on putting clues together and solving puzzles to beat the game, but that doesn’t mean the story requires people to have a degree in mathematics.

Families of different generations can put their wits together to uncover the room’s secrets, especially since most escape rooms give people the choice to choose each mystery’s difficulty level.

This allows everyone to enjoy some challenge without being stuck in a rut for casual players who don’t have much experience yet with puzzling games.


Myth #3: You’re on your Own!

Even with plenty of brains in one group, many people assume that they’d be left to their own devices once they enter the room. However, a game master is watching behind the scenes to act as a friendly NPC – one that strives to help the protagonists of the story move forward with the game.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help since it won’t subtract any points. Not to mention, the game master can also remind everyone of the time limit and provide necessary assistance to speed things up if everyone is falling behind. This ensures everyone can come out of the room with a complete experience!


The Bottom Line: Busting Myths About Escape Rooms

What happens inside an escape room stays behind its locked doors. While the mystery is what makes it so engaging and attractive, there are misconceptions that can change people’s perception about the game itself. The list above should bust these common myths so you can cross the threshold without a hitch!


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