5 Tips That’ll Boost Your Chances of Escaping the Room – Our Guide

Have you ever participated in an escape room before? It is seriously fun! Not only is it thrilling and adrenaline-rushing, but working together just somehow makes you feel good. That said, succeeding in escaping the room will make everyone feel awesome, and thus we want to share with you some tips and tricks to succeed in any escape room.

Here are five tips that’ll boost your chances of escaping the room:

1. Do not stop communicating

Do not ever stop talking to each other. While some silence will occur since you might be focusing hard on a puzzle, it shouldn’t stay that way. In other words, not only should all of you be busy trying to crack down a clue, but you should always be informing each other of discoveries or if you’ve cracked a puzzle.

Also, once someone says they’ve solved a puzzle, don’t waste time checking on them. Ask them to share what they found and get on with solving another puzzle.

2. Spend those minutes wisely

While an hour to escape the room seems like plenty of time, it isn’t. Before you know it, that 50-minute-left-on-the-timer moment is going to become 5 minutes left.

So, always work quickly and don’t waste time. Get to examining as many bits and pieces that are in the escape room itself. Look for clues thoroughly, below tables, behind books, and so on. In other words, scan the entire room.

3. Listen carefully to the game room’s intro

Whatever you do, do not ever ignore any introductions to the game room. Not only does this give you a chance to get a sense of what you can begin working on right away, but you might catch a few hints or clues to help you solve and escape the room quickly. For example, you might catch the theme of the game room, allowing you to know where to look.

Another reason you should listen to the intro is for any instructions. While it isn’t always given, if it is, keep it in mind and be sure to follow it.

4. Always work together

Teamwork makes the dream work! This is an escape room, and teamwork is the key to success. That said, do not show up to an escape room with a team of 10. That’s way too much, and you’ll only end up being crowded, hampering away at any chance of success you might have.

With that in mind, ensure that you only have teams of three to five, depending on the game room itself. That’s the ideal number that’ll make sure everyone’s busy doing something without getting into each other’s way.

5. Don’t waste time on a single clue

It is normal to get stuck on one only clue and to focus all your efforts on it. However, if you’re making no progress, move on somewhere else. Often, you’ll discover a clue somewhere else that’ll help you solve the puzzle.

Put simply, don’t waste time on a puzzle you cannot solve. There’s always something to be discovered, and running into one that’s unsolvable doesn’t mean that’s the end of the game.


Of all the tips we’ve shared with you, this one is perhaps the most important: have fun! That said, don’t forget the tips we’ve talked about. That way, not only can you get you and the gang out of the escape room quickly but have a blast at the same time. Don’t be surprised to find yourself out for dinner later that evening talking about the entire experience, pointing out each other’s mistakes and successes that made the whole game genuinely memorable.

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