5 Top Benefits of Escape Rooms

Living in a modern world, everything around us is evolving, and so are our games. Since technology has taken over most parts of our life then why not our games? No, I’m not talking about online games, but escape rooms. An escape room is a real-time adventure game that originated in Japan in 2007 and further paved its way to the US in 2013. This game takes place in a themed game room. If you are new to this, then this blog is for you. We will make sure you understand everything about escape rooms.

Before you start the game, you need to form a team of two to five people. After this, choose an adventure. There will be different themes and experiences. You will then enter the room according to your selected theme. There will be different scenarios like nuclear power plants, dig sites, prison cells, theatres, pirate ships, etc. Every room will have a different theme, but the goal will be the same, i.e., coming out of the room in 60 minutes or less. However, it is not necessary to stay in the room; you can leave whenever you want.

Escape rooms give you an immersive experience that will enhance your teamwork and help solve different puzzles and clues to complete a scenario. They are cognitive, educational, and exciting; giving you a game experience like never before. It has objectives with different strategies which will leave you feeling happy and content.

Five Top Benefits of Escape Rooms

  1. Improves cognitive ability

It has an immersive and tangible environment that encourages the players to interact with each other through texts, technology, and code time. It is an interactive experience that improves your cognitive abilities and ability to solve mysteries.

  1. Piques the senses

You are placed at the center of the locations where you will experience the sounds, sights, and aromas of the other world. It piques your senses as soon as you enter the room. It enhances the urge to survive and helps you work as a team to find your way out.

  1. Increases the social ability and communication

Escape rooms are situations where you communicate with people around you to overcome the challenges. It puts the teams in situations where communication is the key to solve the scenario. They help revitalize the urge to discuss, solve and overcome the problems working together as a team.



  1. Increases the memory capacity

With the growing age, we often tend to forget things. These challenges and puzzles help you boost your memory retention and recall with the help of symbols, codes, or languages. It massively increases your memory and longevity. 

  1. Increases the level of satisfaction and happiness

People get great satisfaction and joy when they accomplish something or complete a task. In an escape room, humans feel the adrenaline, and once you finish the task, it feels like an achievement.


To sum it up, escape rooms are fun and give you psychological rewards from completing the scenarios. It provides an intense and fun-enriching experience that brings joy and excitement as compared to other social activities. So, forget bowling, cinema, or paintball, head on to the nearest escape game room, and make memories of a lifetime.

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