5 Types of Escape Room Puzzles

Do you know of any escape room puzzles?

If you are a newbie at playing this ever so famous game, you might be nervous. It is fine to feel like that, as Escape Adventures can be a bit daunting. There are several clues and puzzles that need solving, and it can also be very confusing at first. If you are not good with puzzles and getting hints, then this game might not be the best fit for you.

But fret not, because we will give you a fair idea of what to expect in an escape room game. With the help of this guide, you will now understand the five different escape room puzzles that you will come across, either when playing in-person or online. Mind you, the Escape room in Bradenton is notorious in their complexities and are one of the best activities to do in Florida.

What kind of escape room puzzles can I expect?

Here are the few things that you keenly look for while playing the escape room puzzles with your friends.

Numbers and Words
It is okay if numbers are not your strongest suit. None of these games require you to have a degree in mathematics; we mean, who is that smart anyway? Nor do you need to be a fluent English speaker. If English is not your first language, you can still enjoy this game to the fullest.

  • Basic math puzzles: these ones do not require you to know high standard math, but we have all been through school, haven’t we? Thus, these puzzles require basic numerical math to help you solve them
  • Equations: these types of puzzles are an excellent way to hide clues in order to help you advance to the next stage of the puzzle. If there are math signs in the room, chances are you will have to decode them and make sense out of them.

Physical Puzzles
  • Untying knots: sometimes, you will find yourself in confusion, as how to pass through a door to advance to the next stage as the key is tied in a knot or pattern. If you are able to untie it, then you might not be able to pass on to the next stage.
  • Moving Objects: if you see a cabinet that is not in the right place, then get your partners and move it.

Light and Sound
  • Background sound: the sounds around you are often a dead giveaway for clues, so listen carefully. Use all of your senses.
  • Where is the light coming from? When a light is shining brightly, it means it is drawing you to a clue. If something is suspiciously lit, look into it.
  • Lyrics: if there is music in the record player, listen to the lyrics; maybe they are a dead giveaway to certain clues.

Hidden Object
  • Look through books: a book safe is created by hollowing out the inside of a large book. Look for such books.
  • Open all the drawers: in an escape room, it becomes mandatory to look through drawers and cabinets. Do not just skim through them, instead properly look to find the clues.


Visual Design


  • Baseboards and edges: look for suspicious-looking patterns of dashes and dots on the bottom of the walls. They are usually pointing to something new.
  • Point out anything that may seem unusual or out of place: if your escape room is designed as a military boat then it is odd to have a kids’ toy there. Look carefully.



Escape Adventures is a fun game to play. The game requires you to have a keen eye, to spot the many hidden clues in an escape room. If you want to shine in the game, you need to be observant and sensitive to your environment. It is one of the many things to do in Florida if you are visiting there.

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