A Fresh Guide on Escape Rooms and What They’re Like in 2021

Group activities have taken quite a turn in the last decade, with so many concepts popping up for friends and family to indulge in. Gone are the days when groups would just come to a theater together to watch a movie, as there are more options available now.

Escape rooms have become a very popular group game, though so many are still confused by what it is and what they’re like. Even if you feel like you know what escape rooms are like, there have been a couple of changes due to COVID-19.

Here’s a fresh and updated guide about what you need to know regarding escape rooms in 2021:

What Escape Rooms Are

Escape rooms are a conceptualized game where a group of people is tasked with the responsibility of getting out. There are multiple themes for escape rooms. Along the way, you’ll encounter many related mysteries that have to be solved throughout the game to give you clues on how to get out. Most games have a time limit of an hour.

Escape rooms can be done in real life in a room or virtually. During these times while the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, you can still indulge in both kinds. Although strangers were allowed to come and complete a group for physical escape room’s in the past, that’s not allowed at the moment. Escape room private booking is available for groups.

What Escape Rooms Offer

Escape rooms offer so many benefits to the people who try them out. For one, the whole concept is a really big mental exercise as you try to figure out how to get outside of the room. There’s a certain adrenaline rush to figuring things out too, as everyone attempts to escape.

Escape rooms are a lot of fun for family and friends, but they’re also really good for schools and workplaces. The entire idea of an escape room is that you collaborate with the people you’re in there with to get out. If anyone needs to have a team-building exercise, escape rooms are the best place to practice. 

Why Escape Rooms Are Popular

The popularity of escape rooms has increased over the years, mostly due to how entertaining they can be. There’s something amusing about roleplaying and being “trapped”, and you can have a good laugh with your group members as you stumble through the course.

Its continuing popularity in 2021 may be due to the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has separated people. People have been apart for so long and are trying to find a way to connect again without it being too serious. There’s no better way to do that than going through an escape room.

How Escape Rooms Work

Book what kind of escape room and missions you want to undergo. As implied above, each room has its own themed adventure, so choose one that works for you. It’s a common misconception that every escape room is about horror, as there are some silly ones too.

Once you arrive at the place, you’re locked in the room and provided with a time limit for escaping. Staff will be watching to give you hints when you need them, but otherwise, it will feel completely immersive. 


Arranging a small escape room adventure with your friends can be quite exciting, though be sure to follow all the updated protocols this 2021. Having fun shouldn’t be at the expense of your health, after all!

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