Avoid Doing the Most Common Mistakes in Escape Rooms

It’s been over a decade ever since the escape room craze jumped from Tokyo to the rest of the world. Now, they are an international craze!

And why shouldn’t it be? The concept is simple: you’re locked inside a room with your friends and have an hour to find your way out. How do people often fail? Let’s look at the most common mistakes players make. Better still, let’s see if you and your team can avoid them!

Mistake #1: Choking Diversity

Building a diverse group with differing talents is a surefire way to success. Math teachers, writers, programmers, salespeople, and friends who are masseuses all have amazing abilities in an escape room. A natural talent for problem-solving or seeing patterns in problems is a great trait in your team. Got any friends who crave attention or the spotlight? You might fare better if you leave them at home.

Mistake #2: Going Solo

Escape rooms are meant to be fun, interactive, and, most importantly, solvable. Thus, sharing your discoveries, conclusions, and information with your team is the most effective winning strategy. If you stay silent or try to solve it on your own, kiss a potential victory goodbye.

Getting everyone to contribute is vital in solving puzzles. If you come up with a conclusion or an idea on your own, ensure you pass information to the rest of your team. Time is not on your side in an escape room; you’ll need all your focus to succeed.

All escape rooms follow a set of rules. Regardless of the theme, no matter where you are in the world, if you have the right key, there is always a solution. If you fail to break the codes in the room, then retrace your steps. Look for the key that you missed. It’s probably right in front of you!

You will be invaluable to your team if you have a natural talent for problem-solving or seeing patterns in a problem. Diverse teams win!

Mistake #3: Ignoring the Game Master (GM)

Before you enter an escape room, your GM will welcome you, explaining in detail what you will be doing there. The time limit for the escape room is set. You are in there against the clock, so pay attention from the beginning!

Mistake #4: Infighting

Let go of family or friend dramas when the door snaps shut behind you. No one needs to bring conflicts from outside into an escape room as it can only distract you from what matters: escaping before time runs out!. The world still awaits when you escape; keeping up good relationships with loved ones may just save you during your next escape!

Mistake #5: Taking It Too Seriously

Escape rooms are fundamentally fun experiences. Yes, they are centered around mystery and intrigue, but that’s mostly for show. Don’t worry about winning or losing—you’re just having a good time.

You’ll be more likely to succeed if you’re in it for fun. You’ll probably have a great time with another game. When you become a pro escape artist, escape rooms will be much easier.


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