Beating Escape Rooms – 6 Excellent Strategies You Should Try

Escape Rooms are a great activity with family and friends who love puzzles. However, most groups don’t actually manage to break out. But if you’re planning to play escape games soon, here are a few strategies you might want to consider before going through the doors.

1: Choose the Right People

It’s not a requirement to play with smart people. However, you do want to play with people you are comfortable playing with. Choose people who do not freak out or panic easily. Keep in mind that escape rooms have time limits, which means people with a clear mind can benefit your team. You’ll never want to be in a team that does not do well with mind games and panic.

2: Maintain a Positive Attitude 

Group games are best played with a positive attitude. Even if you’re intelligent and can contribute a lot of things, that doesn’t work if you have a bad attitude. However, what you can do is to help everyone by motivating them to think faster and better. If ever their answers turn out wrong, do not get frustrated about it. It’s only a game, after all. If you’re playing with strangers, make sure to introduce yourself prior to playing. Remember that you have the same goal: to win. 

3: Play by the Rules

Every escape room has its own rules and gameplay. Before the game begins, the game master will explain the rules along with the things you can or cannot do. Be careful not to mess up the puzzle, as this can prolong the game and make you lose interest. It also leads to lost time and momentum.

4: Be Time Conscious

Like in most games, time is essential in escape rooms. Have someone time the game in every room so you can estimate how much time you have left. Keep in mind that some escape rooms have rules involving time as well. 

5: Maintain a Consistent Approach

No matter how difficult an escape room is, make sure to keep a consistent approach with the game. It can be frustrating to get stuck in the same room for a few minutes, but that’s alright. Ignore whatever bad thoughts you have and play the game without hesitation. Ask for help if needed, and don’t get too caught up if you can’t solve anything. Remember to try until you succeed.

6: Have Fun

Even if it’s competitive, escape rooms are still venues for fun. Remember to keep in mind that you’re supposed to enjoy and not get stressed out about a game. At the end of the day, there is nothing you can’t laugh off if everyone is looking for a good time.



Escape rooms are known to challenge people’s intellect and problem-solving abilities. Above all, they are also fun ways to bond with family and friends. When you play a game, you should have fun and enjoy the moment.

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