3 Key Things You Should Know About Escape Rooms

When in Florida, you have to try solving problems and puzzles in an escape room! It may not seem as appealing as going to the beach or a road trip, but you won’t regret spending 60 minutes racking your brain to solve the different puzzles.

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind game that challenges your mental capabilities, then the escape room is for you! No other game can offer a more immersive and creative experience than escape rooms. Not only are these games fun, but they also provide worthwhile learning experiences you’ll never forget!

But before you book a visit, make sure to read through below to know what to expect.


1: You’re Not Really Locked Inside the Room

Since it’s called an “escape room,” you may be led to think that there will be no way to leave the area without solving the puzzles, but this isn’t the case! Escape games are just that—games. Keep in mind that escape rooms are not jail cells, so you can get out when you have to.

The point of participating in an escape room is to have fun; there’s no pressure in trying to find a way out! However, although you’re allowed to leave at any time you wish, we encourage players to do their best in solving the puzzles so that everyone will have an enjoyable time.


2: There’s Nothing To Be Scared of—as Far as We Know

Trying to find a way out in a closed room sounds threatening at first, but it’s actually not that scary! Escape rooms are way different from haunted houses—they’re designed to provide a unique gaming experience through educationally-enriching scenarios, not give you nightmares.

Some themes may have a spooky atmosphere, but you won’t have to worry about coming across frightening visuals or jump scares. Many people view escape rooms as a dangerous, cold, and dark cellar, but they’re far from that!

Many escape rooms have different themes with a relatively low horror factor, but some places do have elements that may seem scary. If you don’t want to risk any chances of running into a frightening encounter, we recommend trying out an escape game with a different theme, like Houdini’s Book of Secrets.


3: You Don’t Need To Be Athletic To Complete an Escape Room

The best thing about escape rooms is that they’re for people of all ages and skill sets! There’s no requirement to make you eligible to join in the fun—as long as you’re willing to take up the challenge and cooperate with other players, you can try your hand at solving the puzzles!

Escape games aren’t physically demanding, but they will challenge you to think outside the box. Rather than physical prowess, you have to learn how to work with different personalities so that you can overcome every challenging situation and eventually manage to escape!



For a gaming experience like no other, try solving puzzles with friends and family in an escape room! Racing against the clock has never been this fun—whether you manage to escape or not, you’re sure to have a fantastic time that no other game can offer.

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