Bring These Safety Tips with You to the Escape Room

The live entertainment offered by escape rooms is extraordinary. They’re entertaining, thrilling, social, and they open up a whole new world of gaming for you. And with so many excellent escape rooms around, anyone can easily join in and give it a try.

However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that you are still in a room and that nothing that could affect the course of the world is at risk; instead, you should take care of your friends and yourself. Remember the important safety advice below!

Dress Comfortably

Your clothing needs to be loose-fitting and comfortable because you may occasionally need to squat on the floor to see beneath tables, rugs, and bookcases. Put on anything you would typically wear when out for a stroll or a cup of coffee.

Avoid wearing t-shirts that are too tight or high heels. Additionally, avoid anything overly elaborate because you might dust it off or misplace it in the dark.

Utilize Your Night Vision

Due to the generally dramatic mood, escape rooms typically feature dim illumination, but occasionally they might be completely dark. Since escape room operators are always reluctant to abandon you in the dark, this is more likely to occur momentarily or briefly.

But when it does, it’s up to you to exercise caution in the dark to avoid damaging anything or hurting yourself and watch out for your pals. You don’t want any arm or toe bruises or numbness.

Take Good Care of Your Stuff

There are specific lockers in some escape rooms where you can store your belongings. Some don’t, so you’ll need to take extra care with your personal items.

Don’t leave your wallet, credit cards, or cell phone in your coat pockets hanging in the lobby where anyone can access them. You can always ask a staff member to glance through your belongings if you don’t want to take your purse or bag with you.

Be Cautious of Sharp Items

Most escape rooms don’t have sharp objects, but if one is present—say, a letter opener or a Swiss army knife—use it carefully. In other instances, be cautious of any sharp edges if there is broken or damaged equipment in the space.

It can be easy to forget you are still in a room and not on a quest to save the world when live games are fast-paced and intriguing. Maintain your composure and be aware of sharp items.

Steer Clear of Windows

Don’t open the windows if there are any in the room. Leaning outside to have a peek is not necessary. The first thing is that there are no hints everywhere. Second, there are alternative options if you need to leave the room immediately for some reason.

There are always mechanisms in place in escape rooms that allow you to leave the room right away. The window is not necessary for you to enter.

Watch Out for Electrical Outlets

Keep your fingertips out of electrical outlets. A hint would never be placed into an electrical socket by a person with common sense. You don’t need to touch it unless you’re playing a mystery game involving electricity where the socket is blatantly phony and intentional to the plot.


Do not attempt to remove the wallpaper, break anything, or climb bookcases. You’d be shocked at how frequently game masters discover their players attempting to scale the ceiling.

There’s a good probability that you’ll get wounded if you start using the space improperly. Use your thinking, not force—that is the unbreakable rule of the escape room.

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