Practical Techniques to Try When Inside an Escape Room

It is always enjoyable to be a part of a team full of enthusiasm as you progress through a game, solving puzzles and finding clues as you come across them. On the other hand, it can be difficult when a player or team finds themselves stuck on a single clue or puzzle, or a series of them. This can lead to frustration and a feeling of discouragement if the team experiences difficulty with multiple puzzles in a row.

It’s important to remember that the game is meant to be fun, and it’s okay to take a break or try something different if the team feels stuck. In this article, you will learn about easy techniques for overcoming any escape room.

Give Value to Your Team

It is paramount that each individual in the team cooperates and communicates in order to succeed in an escape room. Everyone needs to work together, sharing ideas and strategies, to make it out in time. Without proper communication, it’s impossible to take advantage of all the opportunities available to the team and ultimately, it will lead to failure.

When a team is trying to solve a problem, it’s important to communicate effectively. If one person gets stuck, they should alert the team and ask for assistance. Everyone should share what they know, and together they’ll be able to come up with a solution more quickly. If one person gets lost, it’s beneficial to have the group reconvene and discuss the progress they’ve made. Collaboration often brings about solutions that one person alone would never have thought of.

Inspect the Room Diligently

When playing an escape room game, it is easy to overlook clues and puzzles that are hidden in plain sight or in unexpected places. It is important to thoroughly search the room and double-check the area once the major items have been found in order to locate any missing clues.

Take Note of the Clues

We recognize that it can be easy to get sidetracked when there are a lot of used and incomplete puzzles and clues scattered around. That’s why it’s important to take the time to place the solved clues and puzzles in one spot. This way, all team members can access them quickly and easily, instead of wasting time trying to solve something that has already been solved. Keeping everything together also helps make sure that all the pieces fit together and don’t get lost.

Keep in Mind There’s a Story

When playing an escape room, it’s important to pay attention to the story that the Games Master sets up before the game begins. This narrative will provide context for the room and give the players a sense of purpose. As you navigate through the puzzles and clues in the room, you may find that certain elements of the initial story are related to the tasks you need to complete. Keeping the narrative in mind as you play will help you make the most of your escape room experience.

Ask the Right Questions

Playing an escape room game can be challenging and sometimes you may get stuck on certain puzzles. It is important to remember that there is no shame in asking the Game Master for a hint. The Game Master is there to help you have the best experience possible and will not give you the actual answer, but will provide a hint to keep you on the right track. Asking for help does not mean you are giving up, it just means that you are taking the opportunity to make the best of your experience.


Surviving an escape room is an exciting and challenging experience. It requires a combination of problem solving, critical thinking and teamwork. While some tips can help you succeed, it is ultimately up to you and your team to be creative, patient and resourceful in order to escape the room.

The best way to survive is to communicate, think outside the box and never give up. With practice and perseverance, you can master the art of escaping and have a thrilling adventure that you and your team will remember for years to come.

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