Choosing the Best Escape Room Experience – Our Guide

Escape rooms have become a more and more popular way for families, friends, and even businesses to have an adventure together. Escape games are fantastic for bonding and team building, and it can be a very memorable quest if you choose the best escape room experience available.

If there are many escape room businesses in your area, it can be nearly impossible to choose the best one for you. This article lays out the main things you consider before you book with any particular service.

Do Your Research

All good businesses cultivate a robust online presence, so you should be able to do thorough research on all your escape room options. All their services should be listed on their website, so you can choose the theme that appeals most to you.

Customer reviews are usually posted prominently on a business website and Google listings, and you should take the time to peruse those, too. Keep an eye on the number of five-star reviews and be a bit skeptical unless the reviewers outline specific details of their experience.

If you can’t find much information about an escape room online or on social media, you will be going in blind, and you may end up disappointed.


Choose Your Adventure

When you have your final choice, look through the different escape games offered by the location. Before making a final booking, read through all the rules, regulations, and disclaimers posted on the company website. Some escape rooms may include extreme horror elements or may require significant physical activity.

Escape rooms that involve extreme horror or violence should always have clear and obvious warnings online. Be sure that you and your group can handle those elements before you make a reservation.


Choose For Yourself 

When it comes to choosing escape rooms, the most popular option isn’t necessarily the best one. Just because you’ve seen a particular room all over social media doesn’t mean that you should choose that one, too.

It’s all about your personality and your own preferences. Take a look at the descriptions and themes of every escape room, and pick which one interests you the most. The best escape room experience is different for every person, and only you can decide what you will enjoy the most.

If you enjoy the room you book and want a similar experience, the staff at Premier Escape Adventures will happily recommend other games you will enjoy.


Prioritize Safety

Businesses and group activities are opening back up all over the country, and you need to prioritize safety wherever you go. Premier Escape Adventures is a family-owned business that aims to keep all customers as safe and healthy as possible. COVID-19 policies include:

All appointments must be booked online ahead of time. No walk-ins accepted.

All games are private. A maximum of 8 players is allowed inside every room.

Group check-ins are done via QR code.

All objects and surfaces are sanitized in between every game.

Masks and gloves are allowed if the players choose.



If you have dozens of escape room options in your area, it can be difficult to choose the best one for you and your group. The key is to do your own research into the available escape rooms. Read through the descriptions and customer reviews, and then pick the theme that most appeals to you. With some careful consideration, you’ll give your family and friends an unforgettable experience!

Are you looking for premier escape rooms in Sarasota, FL? Premier Escape Adventures is the perfect choice for you. We offer four different escape games that are perfect for your family, friends, and corporate team building. We disinfect and sanitize our facilities thoroughly after every game. Book a reservation today!

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