Learning What Escape Rooms and Virtual Escape Games Are

Entertainment activities have continuously evolved over the years, giving groups of friends and families a wide variety of choices. Some may choose to have a casual bowling night or a trip to the theatre. Meanwhile, others go for more adventurous endeavors such as camping or hiking.

However, there’s a new wave of entertainment that’s taken off. Escape rooms, also known as escape games, have provided a different kind of bonding experience. Keep reading to learn more about these riveting games.


Understanding What an Escape Room Is

If you aren’t familiar with escape rooms, they’re defined as an adventure game that tests your physical and mental capacity to solve different problems and puzzles. As the name implies, the goal is to go through those challenges and eventually escape the room. A team of 10 usually has to work together to get out.

Because of the needed effort and collaboration, it’s been a popular choice for close friends and work colleagues who want to test their teamwork skills. Some families love to engage in escape games, too, solely because they provide quite the thrill.

Escape rooms have gotten viral and spread like wildfire all across the world because of how exciting they can be. Most rooms usually started out as plain creepy rooms, but there have been multiple concepts integrated into them. There are some designed to mimic a pirate ship, and others would seem like a medieval dungeon.

The designs of some rooms can be mind-boggling and so intricate with every detail and trinket that’s in them. It can often feel like you’re in a completely different place and make you feel trapped as you try to get all the little clues to unlock and bring to a new area.


How Escape Rooms Evolved to Be Virtual

Because some people cannot access real-life escape rooms due to unavailability, there’s been a surge in virtual escape games this year. It’s a real treat, too, as different people connect online more and more, especially since the COVID-19 lockdown continues to keep people indoors too.

There are a couple that are playable alone, too, if you want to practice a little before you tell your group to join in on the fun. It can take a while before physical escape rooms are allowed to open again, so let’s just train the physical part of it.


What to Expect From an Escape Room Game

Whether it’s physical or virtual, you can probably expect an immersive experience when trying out an escape room. The flow and mechanics are still the same, though, wherein a guide explains the rules and explains what you’re allowed and not allowed to do. Upon entering, you’ll be given a time limit as you try and escape the room.

Virtual escape rooms are a little more flexible, but a physical escape room can take a good 60-90 minutes, depending on the size. Staff will often be monitoring you through subtle cameras and will provide you with hints if you need them.



If you’re looking for things to do in Florida, California, Texas, and other states, you may want to consider looking for an escape room. They’re all over the country and the world, so it’s hard to miss. Try everything at least once.

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