Common Personality Types You’ll Encounter in an Escape Room

Escape rooms have gained so much popularity over the years. It’s a fun bonding experience for large groups. Not only that, you get to see the different types of personalities when you are in an escape room. It’s wonderful to see how each person in your group will take a certain role where their strengths lie. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the common personality types you will encounter in escape rooms:

The Strategist

Every team in an escape room has a strategist. It could be someone who will have a strategy in place the moment you get inside or when the team hits a brick wall. The strategist will take a step back, look at the bigger picture, and devise a plan.

Escape rooms offer a variety—in some, you could be solving puzzles left behind by a ghost or trying to find what went wrong in an experiment. Regardless of the escape room theme, it will test your strategic thinking, and for sure, a person in the team will reveal himself as the strategist in the group.

The Motivator

All teams that go inside escape rooms need motivation. It’s easy to get discouraged or lose focus when you’re inside. The good news is, there is always someone who will stand up as a motivator that will empower the team to keep going. Moreover, the motivator is the one who has a strong empathetic side that eases the struggle inside.

The Perceptive

Logical thinking paired with a detailed approach creates a perfect balance in an escape room. There’s nothing wrong with traditional thinking, but it has its limits.

This is when a person in the team will reveal him/herself as the perceptive one. The person gets a feel for where to find clues and have a sense of how these clues fit together to solve the puzzle.

The Detail-Oriented

Escape rooms are loaded with so much information that it’s easy to miss the minor details. However, in solving mysteries, the devil is in the details. Count on the detail-oriented one in the group to catch the tiniest things that have a huge impact on your progress. The detail-oriented one will give the team a much higher chance of escaping.

The Pressure Player

Some players in an escape room cope better than others when it comes to the stress of being in the room with the clock ticking. When you’re locked in a room with your team, it could really put stress on the players. Consider yourself lucky if you have a pressure player who can manage to keep a level head despite the pressure and stress.

The Team Player

There are people who like being part of a team! These are the people who are happy to work with other people to reach a certain goal. Having a team player in an escape room is a great thing. Most likely, every team has one who’s extremely willing to work with others.

Final Thoughts

Escape room games can take you to an alternate universe. It brings individual skills and strengths to the surface, which makes it a great group activity.

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