Solving Escape Room Puzzles With an Introvert and an Extrovert

Escape rooms are the newest trend in interactive games nowadays. There used to be a time when arcades were the only way to have fun inside the mall. Now, you have these puzzle-filled escape rooms that follow a certain theme or lore!

While there is no uniform way of solving these room puzzles, there are definitely various styles in overcoming them. You may have experienced going to one of the escape room venues with your friends, getting lost within the perfectly themed rooms, and racking your brains for any sort of logical solution to the problems.

Indeed, not all escape rooms are alike—and not a single puzzle is similar to the others. There are different ways to approach them, and two of the most efficient ones actually come from two significant types of escape room players: introverts and extroverts.


The Introvert Player

An introvert doesn’t feel comfortable socializing with others. They prefer to be alone most of the time, dwelling in deep thoughts and queries. So is it any wonder that they would be one of the most efficient players to have around in a group?

As ironic as it may seem, inviting an introvert in a group game would actually work out, especially one who is always deep in thoughts. You do not even have to ask them about the solution, they will initiate the analysis of the puzzle, and they will let everyone know if ever a solution were to come up.

Of course, this doesn’t work 100% of the time—but more often than not, they are ahead of the others when it comes to observing their surroundings for possible clues.


The Extrovert Player

On the other hand, an extrovert player can be quite loud, and even that would not be a bad thing!

An extrovert is very outspoken, meaning that they do not have any problem speaking out their mind. Just imagine teaming up with one during the whole game; you would definitely hear more insights from them. They will be vocal enough to remind you about the time limit and the number of clues that you already have. They will also have no second thoughts about turning the room upside down just to find a significant clue for the puzzles.

The thing about escape rooms is that they often hide their clues in the most inconspicuous place. Upon first inspection, it would seem like nothing is there until you turn around and let the extrovert do his magic. He would go around the room, flipping picture frames, removing books from their shelves, and checking every vase to see that there’s no key or paper trail in them!


Which One Should I Add to My Team?

If you can manage to add both, why not? They both have their pros and cons, and they can still work as an individual unit. The most important thing is that they would contribute to the overall sum of the team effort so you would all be able to get out in time.



Escape rooms are a fun way to relax and unwind. Sure, it can get stressful at times, especially with the time limit and the tense roundup of puzzles. However, you can still enjoy them with your family and friends for an unforgettable weekend afternoon. Pick an introvert and extrovert to join your group as an added advantage! Sharpen your wits and have a fantastic escape room experience like no other.

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