Discovering the Genius of History Mystery’s Themed Games

The beauty of escape room games is that they can follow any theme. Depending on the game’s theme, you can be transported into a cabin in the woods, a murder mystery on a train, or even a fantasy-themed location. Plenty of variables in the game become more exciting, from finding clues to solving puzzles, with the simple change in setting.

Bridging the Past to the Present

The UK’s History Mystery is a unique company that aims to push the boundaries of escape room genres by going beyond its structural limits. In fact, its escape room games are held at actual buildings instead of restricting players to a room. This change in setting leads to a unique exploration of the escape room genre and how other game organizers can progress the scene forward.

History Mystery’s live escape games follow the similar conventions of traditional escape games while giving it a unique twist. Each themed escape game is based on actual stories of people and places, staging games precisely on the grounds where some of these mysteries occurred. This gives a unique look rediscovering history while providing players a level of immersion much closer due to true-to-life narratives.

In this article, we’ll share two of History Mystery’s innovative escape game venues.

  1. Norwich Guildhall

At Norwich Guildhall, History Mystery takes its escape room players back to the 14th-century undercroft beneath the Museum of Norwich. The first of two escape games is “Archived Alive,” where two to eight players must race against the clock to save a city historian from the vault. It’s an ideal option for beginners to the genre and allows them to feel like they’re in a different kind of escape room experience.

The second escape game hosted at Norwich Guildhall is titled “Body of Evidence.” In this scenario, the players will enter a cell block and figure out the identity of a mysterious murderer. While this premise may sound familiar to escape room enthusiasts, History Mystery manages to make their game a one-of-a-kind experience. Since it’s tied to the on-site location of being locked in a jail cell, the setting is very immersive with authentic details and design. As a bonus, marks and graffiti on the jail cells’ walls were etched by actual prisoners back in the day.

  1. Blickling Church

Inside the Blickling Church, “The Queenmaker” game is themed around the marriage between King Harry the8th and Anne Boleyn. It offers a unique method of retelling history while giving players a tour of a historical location. This is because the church itself was attended by Anne Boleyn roughly five centuries ago. As players enter the church, their objective is to get Anne to the altar by solving puzzles and overcoming many symbolic obstacles.


Escape room games continue to grow and develop into more intricate games that exist beyond the limitations. History Mystery can set an example for escape games worldwide to evolve escape games further. The simple decision to take a piece of the past and turn it into an exciting adventure in the present can be a game-changer to innovate the escape room experience!

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