How to Beat an Escape Room – 3 Helpful Rules to Consider

Playing an escape room game is an excellent way to discover new ways to tinker and exercise your mind. It’s a mix between being in a mystery novel and an interactive live experience, which makes it great for thinkers and puzzle-solvers.

Like any game, escape rooms orient players with a set of rules before entering a themed room. It can be about restricting items to be brought into the room or the session’s time limit. Although these seem like no-brainer guidelines, these rules can actually help you solve a room faster and more effectively.

Learning From the Escape Room Rules

Once you enter an escape room game, you need to follow certain guidelines while inside. This is necessary because some players can get rowdy with finding clues or handling different props. While this may seem like a limiting restriction, these specific rules can actually help you clear a game. If you’re attentive enough, you can cut down your clearing time and be on the right path to success.

In fact, these three rules can actually be more helpful than meets the eye:

  1. Time Limitation

Like any booking or reservation, players are expected to arrive at an escape room game on time. This is a logistical necessity to ensure reserved games don’t overlap with each other. Besides helping the staff to manage several customers, it’s also a warning for players who tend to overthink.

Escape room games are generally completable within an hour. This is why puzzles won’t be too complicated for players to face several of them in one game. If you’re taking too long to figure out the meaning of a clue, you’re most likely looking at a red herring.

Red herrings are designed to pull you away from the right track, making you overthink and waste the limited time you have. If something feels off or a clue just doesn’t fit with the other themed hints, you may want to drop it and look for another perspective.

  1. Forbidden Items

When entering an escape room game, you’re likely banned from being specific items inside. This includes things like phones, lighters, or even paper and pens. For this reason, you’ll need to make do with what you can bring inside, which are your group of team members.

Before scheduling your escape room session, don’t forget to have a general game plan. It will be helpful to delegate different team members for specific problems and clues. For example, you can bring a person who’s great with numbers or someone with a good memory. While escape room games will vary, all of them typically require memorization or simple computation.

  1. Warning Signs

Not everything inside an escape room is part of the puzzle. As mentioned above, game makers tend to leave false breadcrumbs to confuse players. Additionally, some parts littered around the area are just props. You’ll typically see warning signs like “do not touch” or “do not move” signs to caution players. Use these as a guide so you can focus on finding the right clues around you.


You shouldn’t look at rules as strict limitations. After all, every game or sport has them. By learning how these rules can affect your gaming experience, you’ll be more aware of the different signs hiding in plain sight. If you’re ready to test your mind and mettle, book a timeslot for an escape room session today!


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