Escape Adventures – 3 Values You Can Build With Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are definitely more about the journey together and the values you gain along the way. There may be a clock to beat or a trinket to find, but you and your companions will find something more valuable in the end: learning new things about yourselves. So what exactly can you expect?

This article looks into the value-added experience of escape rooms for your next party or work retreat. Sure—it will be fun to decode and successfully beat the game, but you want to look into what this experience can bring out in you and your friends, family, or co-workers. To echo the wise Ralph Waldo Emerson: “It’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey.”

1. Building Trust

Just as you cannot choose who you live or work with, trust is something that is earned or forged together through valuable experiences. A fun way to do that is rushing in together in an escape room and being pushed to successfully complete it.

As you make your way inside, you will be forced to task people with finding things or making decisions for puzzles. That means you will have to put your faith in them to pull ahead of the game. While the excitement and suspense are exhilarating, the trust that you build along the way is also something to be proud of.

2. Creates Deeper Relationships

As you are also building trust, you also have the opportunity to deepen the relationship you have or make the next step from mere acquaintance to true friendship. This is why more informed parents or bosses look into the opportunity of escape rooms to establish strong connections or break the ice among strangers.

Now, escape rooms may just be a one-time thing, but the amount of pressure and contained excitement can easily unite people and forge bonds that may have never been there before.

It’s like taking a leap of faith together and finding yourself on the other side being more reliant on each other. Putting it into the context of fun opens doors for more activities that are planned by the co-workers or friends themselves without prodding. Even family members with age gaps can become closer. Overall, the escape game literally makes room for more connections and meaningful conversations. 


3. Collaboration and Skills Integration 

As deeper relationships are formed, teamwork and future collaboration may just be on the other side of the escape room as well. After all, this is an opportunity for people to see each other’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s a way to be there for one another by being vocal and open to solving problems together before the time runs out. And in the end, it’s about embracing competitiveness through winning or being mature about losing.

As people go back to normal life, you can expect evident changes in relating with others while completing daily tasks. For instance, your family can become more vocal about chores at home or cleaning the kitchen together.

For your workforce, the escape room experience allows them to be more vocal and collaborative with office deliverables, which can improve productivity. As the escape room may be framed as merely just a game, the overall experience and long-term effects prove otherwise.



Instead of simply relying on boring social gatherings or traditional parties, raise the stakes in a fun way and invest in value-making through escape rooms today!


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