5 Reasons to Try Premier Escape Adventures For Your Date

Are you thinking of new ways to spice up a date night with your significant other? Whether it’s a first date or a weekly tradition for long-term couples, all partners need an exciting activity to look forward to every now and then. Dates are supposed to be fun activities where couples could learn about each other more or spend quality time together. It’s a way to deepen your relationship, explore your city, and make memories together.

If you want to have an exciting date with your partner, spending an hour or more in escape rooms is highly recommended, and here are five reasons you should consider it.


1. Affordable yet exciting

You can have a new exciting adventure without the need to go on skydiving or other thrilling yet expensive trips. Going to an escape room can give you the same exhilarating sensation without the need to spend too much. Moreover, it can be an activity that your partner would more likely accept than other extreme plans you probably have on your list.

What makes the escape game exciting is how it operates within a set time limit. You and your partner need to find a way to beat the clock and get out of the room successfully.


 2. Offers an unforgettable experience

An escape room adventure is incomparable to movie dates and dinners—they are not even on the same level. An escape game would put both of you out of your comfort zones. It’s an enjoyable activity that also enhances your relationship with your co-player. You and your partner need to put yourself in a role-playing experience further to improve your communication and problem-solving skills.


3. Shows how compatible you are

Through escape games, you discover more about yourself and learn about how your partner thinks and makes decisions. These aspects are vital in any relationship. You learn more about your partner, such as how they act when they’re under pressure or how strong your communication and teamwork are when solving clues together. All these can say something about how your relationship would turn out later if you’re interested in finding out.  


4. Gives that healthy competition

Escape room adventures are often used in team-building activities to improve people’s work chemistry through healthy competition. It shouldn’t be taken so seriously, though, especially when you’re on a first date. Remind yourself that if your partner becomes competitive, it’s not always to beat you or show off. Maybe it’s to impress you or demonstrate how highly motivated they are to finish a task well. Also, this precious time is when you get to witness each other’s quirks.


5. Group bonding activity

If you want your friends and partner to bond together, an escape room date is also a great idea. You can join with other couples, play with common friends, or even strangers through this activity. The more brains in the team, the better and richer the experience.



Having a fun activity to enjoy skips the pressure out of a first date and creates a thrill for long-time lovers. Make your date fun by trying an escape game. It’s an excellent and exciting date experience for couples that would help them bond more and get to know each other better while enjoying a good and happy time together.

If you’re looking for a great escape room adventure in Brandenton, reserve a game with us at Premier Escape Adventures for your date night. We offer different types of games for all ages and skill sets, and you’ll surely enjoy any of them.

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