Fashion Tips for When You’re Doing an Escape Room Challenge

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Escape room challenges are becoming an increasingly popular excursion among people and for many reasons. Escape adventures are thrilling, and they’re perfect for all age groups. Challenges often don’t require amazing deducting skills, but rather, they only need people to work together in solving the puzzles.

The most important thing in solving an escape room challenge is to work on the puzzles consistently and not waste even a second. Doing so will allow teams to clear the challenge successfully within the given time limit.

For that reason, you don’t want anything to slow you down. One thing that impedes on clearing escape rooms is the outfit that people wear during a challenge. In that case, here are some fashion tips to keep in mind before tackling an escape room challenge:

Wear comfortable clothes

Escape room challenges will require an adequate amount of physical activity since you’ll be searching for clues around the room the whole time. Some challenges also require reaching high places or bending really low, which is why you need to wear an outfit that won’t hinder you from doing so.

Prioritize comfort when doing a challenge. Wear comfortable pants like sweatpants or track pants for men, but keep it fashionable. For women, you can go for jeans if you feel comfortable wearing one, but you can also wear sweatpants. These will take the stress off your legs and thighs, allowing you to focus on solving the puzzles.

For the top, wear loose shirts so that you won’t have restricted movement. Loose shirts will also give you flexibility in case you need to reach high or low places.

For shoes, wear something that doesn’t hurt your feet, especially their back and the ankles. You don’t want to end up having sore feet because of extended sessions of moving around. A good example of comfortable shoes are sneakers that aren’t too tight. You can also wear flip-flops if it helps you move better!

Avoid wearing anything that can distract other people

A typical scene in an escape room is that people get distracted by the accessories of their teammates. For example, if you’re wearing a bracelet that shimmer, the light coming from your accessory can distract your teammates. Additionally, the clanging sound from your accessories can be a significant distraction to your teammates, slowing you down in solving puzzles.

Shirts that are way too bright or have flamboyant patterns or details can also distract your teammates, too, so avoid wearing those. Also, for long-haired women, tying your hair will help not only your teammates but you as well.

Wear contact lenses

If you rely on glasses, you can take it a step further (although it’s not necessary) and wear contact lenses to make it easier for you to see. Having a clear vision is important during these challenges, especially since you need to be mindful and have great attention-to-detail to avoid missing any clue.


The goal of an escape room challenge is to bring people together by having teamwork in solving the puzzles. The last thing you want is to distract others or slow them down when working on the challenge and looking for clues. Remember to keep it simple and comfortable.

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