How To Make Your Team’s Return To The Office Less Stressful

More and more establishments are reopening now that some areas have gotten the virus under control. People have sorely missed the great outdoors and the activities they used to do before all this began. Offices and workplaces are also beginning to restore their operations in-house and back to their offices again.

Many offices and workplaces are trying to come up with new ways to integrate back into the office and try to give some normalcy back to their workers and employees. It’s been a while—more than one year. Fun activities can help them ease back into their normal daily routines.

Here are some cool team-building tips and things to do we can consider to lessen the stress and anxiety of being homebound for more than a year. These endeavors can also ease the stress of going back to normal.

Office Hang Outs

For office teams who are about to return to work, something more minor in the office can be a good icebreaker for everyone. Make sure to communicate with your team about your return to the office and what to expect when they come back. It will help if the return isn’t abrupt; changes and returning to routines may be challenging for others.

Not everyone may be able to return on the same day and schedule, so a little planning that involves everyone on the team or staff is preferred so you can welcome everyone back.

Office lunch get-togethers are a good place to start since everyone hasn’t had an office lunch hang-out in a long while. In addition to this, are common in-house games such as card or board games—even Warhammer or Dungeons & Dragons board games during downtimes or Friday afternoons. Some may prefer something more dynamic and outdoors-based, so please keep this in mind, as there are also a few team-building activities you can plan for your employees.

Planning New Group Activities

Among the many cool things to do are team activities. For teams and offices who have returned to work recently, something a little more unobtrusive to work could spark up your team. A lunch out on a Friday or an after-hours dinner in a more fun environment may be good for everyone. It can be something they haven’t done in a while due to being closed off from the world for over a year.

You can get the team to choose and vote on a specific activity or present them with some ready options. It could be a more physical event, such as a good basketball game, a bumper car session at an arcade, or for more chilled-out hangouts, perhaps a Friday after-work movie night.

Some outdoor team-building activities are highly recommended local activities in Florida, such as special-themed escape rooms and escape games which will foster camaraderie and teamwork but in a more fun and exciting environment. It will give your teammates and workers something new and fun to try.

Escape rooms will put you through different themes and test your problem-solving skills through some challenging game situations. And you will be challenged to think outside (or inside) the box and come up with clever or creative answers or solutions. It’s a good time that will involve your whole team and give them a lot of thrill and fun.

Escape Now

It’s finally safer to go back out. With all of us finally able to go out and have fun in almost a year, there’s plenty of good times we can have with our friends, family, and co-workers on a company team building or bonding trip. To add more daring thrills and group fun, add escape room games to your list of things to check out.

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