The Ultimate Guide to Beating an Escape Room

So, you finally get to go out with your friends, and you decide to take the fun to the extreme – you all go for an escape game. You all are excited to get in, but a few minutes in, you find that tensions are already running high as the clock continues to tick.

Even the closest friends may have clashing ideas on how they can get out of the room, and they all want to be heard. Naturally, this can lead to conflict. It all sounds funny until you’re actually in the room and need to resolve things fast.

Well, before you get panic-stricken or give up all hope of escaping, here are some tips on how you can beat your escape room, especially when there’s already conflict within the group:


Take a Breather

When you are in a “dire” situation, a problem can seem gigantic when it’s actually pretty simple. Taking a step back and breathing deeply can help clear everybody’s minds so you can look at the problem from a different angle.

You’ll realize that most of you are getting angry for no reason or that you are not making sense at all. Give yourselves time to collect your thoughts. This will keep you from saying something that you might regret later and give you the opportunity to re-focus and center on working together as a team again.


Give Everybody a Chance to Speak

Talking all at the same time won’t get any of your ideas across. It’s better to give each member of the group a minute or two to voice out their idea. Then you can decide which ones make the most sense and give them a try.


Look for Other Puzzles

One mistake that groups in escape rooms often make is that they all focus on one thing when there are probably many other puzzles that need solving and codes that need cracking. It might be helpful to have a game plan or at least sub-groups before entering the escape room so that you all won’t crowd around a single problem and tackle a few at a time. This will also help you maximize the limited time you’re given.


Make Use of the Clues

It’s easy to get frustrated when you feel stuck and no one has any idea what to do next. Well, if you are offered clues, by all means, use one! It might be the key that you need to move onto the next part of the mission. There’s no shame in using those clues because they exist for a reason!


Be Encouraging

You might not have control over what your friends are going to say or how they will act, but what you have control over are your actions. Instead of adding to the pressure and the chaos, be the calm one. Encourage others. Remember that you are all working towards the same goal and not in a race! It’s so easy to forget this when everybody wants the bragging rights of being the one to ultimately get everyone out of the room.



Escape rooms offer some of the most exciting and memorable activities in Florida. However, if the group members do not have the right attitude towards the game, it can all get frustrating and even heated. By making sure you keep your calm and by following the tips shared in this post, you can beat the escape room and keep your friendship intact!

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