Reasons Why Escape Rooms Are Perfect for Team Building

A team-building activity is aimed to help the members of the group get closer together and produce an improved working dynamic. These activities are great ways to increase communication, teamwork, and collaboration between members of a team.

While there is a multitude of activities that you can do during team building days, there is nothing like having your squad go into an escape room together. If you are looking for an activity that you think your team will enjoy more than another team brunch, why not try an escape room? This blog post will help you see why this activity will likely drive the results you are looking for in a team-building activity.


Reasons Why Escape Rooms Are Perfect for Team Building


1 – These Rooms Require Communication and Cooperation

Solving an escape room will require nothing short of stellar teamwork. Your team members will need to communicate effectively and cooperate with each other to be able to get out of the room or go on to the next stage.


2 – They Encourage Making Decisions Under Pressure

Just like in work scenarios, the team will need to make crucial decisions while under pressure. They will see that working together to reach a common goal will increase the quality of their decisions and make them feel comfortable working together as a team.


3 – An Escape Room Fosters Leadership

Escape rooms will often bring out the potential leader in the team. People will naturally take charge and bring the team to victory in the escape room. This information will help the team work better together and also help the supervisors know who will have the potential to rise up the ranks later on.


4 – The Team Will Build Trust and Teamwork

Trust and teamwork as vital to a team’s effectiveness to reach goals and objectives. Escape rooms have the knack of allowing the members of the team to have fun while finding ways to communicate and work together to finish the game. This will translate to more effective communication in the workplace.


5 – It’s an ActivityYour Team Will Enjoy

It may not be common knowledge, especially for those in upper management who have never gotten the chance to participate in a team-building activity, but many workers actually detest them. Instead of being able to rest on a day off, they perceive a team-building day as a non-work workday. However, having them try something new, such as an escape room, will not only encourage them to work together, but they will actually enjoy the experience.



If you want to have an activity with your team that will likely have an impact on the way they work together in your office, escape rooms are the answer! Do away with awkward breakfasts and outings that will not encourage your company members to work together anyway. An escape room is something that they may have never tried before that will encourage them to effectively work well with the rest of the team. There will be no way but up for your productivity and team collaboration after having them play an escape room together.

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