Escape Rooms – Emergency Exits to Ensure the Game is Safe For Everyone

The popularity of escape rooms boomed everywhere as people fell in love with the mysteries the game offers. Clues are hiding everywhere, and it’s up to players like you to find crafty ways to beat the game. However, the fact that you feel trapped inside can understandably raise some safety concerns.

The nature of the game is all about combining every player’s wits to find clever ways of escaping the room, but despite being locked inside as the main challenge, you don’t have to worry about solving puzzles just to break free when an emergency occurs.

Escape Rooms: How Do You Exit During Emergencies?

Escape rooms never really lock you inside, and anyone can freely leave anytime they want, so the “heavily” guarded doors are generally there to keep up the theme and create the illusion of being trapped.

The thought of being stuck is all part of the fun, but when reality kicks in and emergencies ensue — be it an earthquake, fire, or any other disaster, there are a plethora of emergency exits you can take to reach safety.

Escape Room and Emergency Exits: Different Ways to Leave the Game

Some escape rooms take the fantasy to the next level by truly locking you in, though they always have emergency exits that you can easily utilize. Some common ways to exit the room include the following safety measures:

  1. Emergency Key

Escape rooms that physically lock in the players ensure they have the freedom to stop the game and leave anytime by giving them an emergency key strapped next to the door. The key doesn’t have a role in the game’s narrative and is designed as a reliable way to leave for emergencies.

  1. Emergency Exit Button

Some escape rooms use magnetic locks to keep the doors closed, so solving the game trips the sensor and opens the door. In the case of a power outage, the doors will open on their own since the magnet only works through electricity.

As an extra precaution, escape rooms with magnetic locks also have emergency exit buttons the players can push if the door fails to open.

On top of having safety measures in place, the escape room also has security equipment like surveillance cameras, communication devices, and smoke detectors to ensure all players can immerse themselves in the mystery without any real risks.

The Bottom Line: You Can Always Leave Escape Rooms Without Trouble During Emergencies

Whether you feel too overwhelmed by the intensity of the game or need to truly escape an emergency situation, escape rooms always have safety measures in place to ensure you stay secure, even in a confined space.

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