The Members Every Successful Escape Room Squad Needs

Solving escape room puzzles and activities can be loads of fun. It’s such a rewarding feeling when all the clues fall into place, and everything comes together to lead to your well-deserved escape. However, it doesn’t come easy. It takes a few other perspectives to orchestrate the great escape as quickly as possible.

With this list, we’ll tell you about the types of team members we find in every successful escape.

  1. The Curious One

This person will be the one who delves into every detail of the room and won’t let go until they find something that looks interesting. They will read every word of every clue and will even attempt to open seemingly random drawers and look behind seemingly-generic props. If you have one on your team, you’re likely to get to clues faster.

  1. The Hype Man

This person is the voice of your team. This team member is the one who keeps the room’s energy up by encouraging others. They will be the one who still believes you can do it in times of despair. Having one on your team can be the difference between a good time or a GREAT one!

  1. The Creative Thinker

This person is the idea generator for the team. This team member is the one who will help you with the initial brainstorming of a good escape plan. They will look at the clues from angles others can’t see. Once they find the right perspective, you’ll be able to figure out what makes the most sense.

  1. The Logical Thinker

Creativity is great, but it’s also nice to know when you are starting to dig a hole that it may not be helpful for you to dig. They’re the one who takes a look at a group of clues and figures out how to apply them to the room’s puzzles. They’ll assess the situation and develop a solid game plan for a great escape.

  1. The Clue Handler

This person will be the one who takes the clues and organizes them, so you can easily see what is important and what is not. This is someone you can trust to take note of everything, and they must be perfectly adept at communicating with others about what they know. Pro Tip: Give this person the walkie-talkie and let them be the one to speak to the room host.

  1. The Immersed One

This person will be the one who loves every part of the experience. They’ll be the one who gets the most out of the room’s story and will probably be having the most fun. They’re great for solving theme-heavy clues and challenges because they can really get into role-playing. Follow their lead when it comes to interacting with the room!


Every successful escape room team has the right set of minds to figure out every puzzle and clue. These are only a few of the many types of players out there. Some may even be combinations. With the right team, you’ll be able to conquer every escape room challenge out there!

Assemble your squad and start planning your great escape. Come visit our Bradenton escape rooms, and take the challenge! Book now to reserve your slot!

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