Things to Know about Escape Room Adventures in Florida

If you are looking for fun things to do in Florida, you may come across escape rooms as options. If you have not tried this adventure yet, you might want to include it on your to-do list. This activity type is something you can do with any group of people. It is engaging, fun, and thrilling at the same time.

If you are convinced to try it out, know that there are two kinds of escape rooms that you should know about.

Type 1: Live Escape Rooms

These escape rooms are located in a physical establishment. The players are locked in a room with other participants, and they have to get out before time runs out. Live escape rooms differ from video games because the events unfold in a physical space in real-time. You have to be careful in making decisions that could affect your group or yourself. Expect also to encounter complex problems or challenges.

Type 2: Virtual Escape Rooms

As the name suggests, this type of escape room uses virtual reality as the medium of how you can play. These kinds of games are offered through online platforms. You do not necessarily have to go to a physical establishment to play.


The Different Game Sequence Variations

  1. Linear Games

Linear games are played in sequence. Challenges are set in a way that you have to play one challenge after the other. You need to play the first challenge and pass it before proceeding to the next one.

  1. Non-Linear Games

This game style is different from linear games. It is more interactive where you are given a list of challenges, and you can choose to play the ones that interest you. You can play them in any order. When you finish playing the challenges, the story will be revealed.

This type of escape game is more challenging than linear games. It also requires a more abstract way of thinking but is still perfect for any group.

  1. Mixed Linear and Non-linear Games

This type is a combination of the two different game styles. It has the interactive nature of non-linear games and the linear game’s simplicity in gameplay.


What Kinds of Puzzles to Expect in Escape Rooms

  1. Written Puzzles

These puzzles are usually the easiest ones in escape rooms. They are designed to test your wit than to challenge your physical skill. These puzzles are typically on the wall, floor, inside cabinets, etc. You have to find the answers to them to figure out what to do next.

  1. Physical Challenges

These puzzles are more challenging because you have to work physically with the mystery. Most of the time, you will have to interact with the puzzle and the environment to solve the challenge. These puzzles can be anything that requires you to do something, such as opening a combination lockbox by cracking the code or solving the puzzle on a chessboard.

  1. Sensory Puzzles

These puzzles are quite complicated. You have to use all of your five senses to solve the puzzles. Some puzzles involve color, sound, texture, and taste. In short, you have to use your sense of reasoning to solve puzzles under this category.

  1. Mind Games

This puzzle is the most difficult one for you to do. It requires you to think abstractly and think outside the box.



There are many reasons you should try out an escape room. If you have not tried one before, this might be a good opportunity for you to experience a new adventure. It is challenging and fun at the same time. You just have to make sure that you are ready for whatever challenges you face in the escape room.

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