You Can Beat An Escape Room With This Ultimate Guide

Some people visit escape room games for the leisurely experience of solving puzzles with friends and chatting. For some, this truly is their experience. They come for the fun of it, and they are not concerned if they manage to escape in time.

Others may be more competitive. As soon as they enter the room, they shout out orders and clues and have a clear plan to follow.

If you suspect this would be you, then read on for our tips on improving your experience at an escape room. You will likely have a head start on finishing compared to your friends and family members who tried this fun game.

Play with Familiar People

Participating in an escape room with shared interests and goals, you will avoid the awkwardness that sometimes emerges with new people, and you’ll probably have more fun. They could be co-workers, people you see regularly, or close friends or family.

The lack of awkwardness makes solving an escape room a more fluid experience since you’ll all converse with each other naturally. More on this later on.

Play with Fewer People

You’re supposed to have from two to six other people in most escape room games, but it might be better not to have more people in your group than the maximum amount. So, a good number would be between three to four players present.

If there are fewer people, then each person can do more, there will be enough for everyone to do, and no one will be bumping into anyone else or standing around. It will also be easier to give people the opportunity to play a significant role.

Stay in the Loop

As you walk around the escape room, people should know what clues have been found and what stage of the game you are at. The best team allows everyone to utilize their unique strengths, but only if everyone knows what is going on.

You’ll discover that you and others react more strongly to different areas of the setting. Thus, you can assign specific team members to handle various puzzles in a divide-and-conquer setup. Then, you can all assemble to get tips before returning to the individual tasks.

Collate Clues in One Spot

Keep track of the clues you find. Losing them may mean never seeing them again in the escape room, which can cost you the game. Make sure to keep all your clues in one centralized location to find them when you need them quickly. Then, it is easy to have your team members access all the clues as a group and work through puzzles together.

Pay Attention to the Surroundings

Scour the entire escape room—open all the drawers and doors you can and look behind furniture, in cabinets, and picture frames. If there are any hidden compartments or doors, don’t try to force them open; instead, look for other clues. Escape Rooms follow the same principles worldwide, which will save you time as you work through the different parts of the room with your teammates.

Don’t expect clues to be so well hidden that you have to dig up the weeds or climb the furniture. If you have to do either of these things, there will be explicit instructions telling you to do so, so don’t overthink the game. Escape rooms are designed to be solved within an hour.

Play in an Escape Room Today

Of course, you shouldn’t just leave this info as head knowledge. You’re going to want to play these games for yourself. An escape room is one of the most exciting kinds of games that you can do as a group; it’s interactive and fun for your friends or family! Just remember these five tips, and you’ll be out in no time!

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